Kung Fu Panda 2: The Video Game (PS3) Walkthrough Part 2

I better get the rest of those looters. I know where they’re headed.
We can catch them in a bit. We have more work here. Whoa! Is that the seal of the armor
they wear at Shantu Palace? It is. He would never
want to destroy us. They must be holding him prisoner. Right. Then we’ll have to rescue him! Now, we can make our
way to Shantu Palace. I’m so ready to kick some gorilla butt! Very good. The gate is open.
Let’s keep moving, Po. Right behind you! Po, do not take it all on… yourself. You can have help here. We will need the villagers to lower
the drawbridge so we can get over there. Right. Let’s go see
if we can find some help. Help us! You must do something! They’re eating all of our food. We’re here to take ’em out! Uh… Where are they, exactly? The wolves and gorillas have barricaded
themselves in our houses. Then it’s time to save the village! Has to be something big around
here that I can stuff into the chimneys. Now we can re-open our shops. What if the wolves and gorillas return? – They might come back.
– Don’t worry. We’re here to take care of these
bad boys once and for all! Po, perhaps some music will suit her. Uh, you don’t want me to sing. Trust me. Po, try that instrument. Music is much like kung fu. Center yourself,
find your inner peace and play. Okay, Master. I’ll give it a try.

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