Kung Fu Panda 2: The Video Game (PS3) Walkthrough Part 11

Ah, the great and mighty Po. Ha! Getting this far will only
change one thing for you. Really? What’s that? You’ll go from being
a Kung Fu Master… … to be a lost warrior. Look, you thieving lizard,
you don’t scare me! – I can take you.
– I don’t think you’ll get the chance. You’ll be entombed.
in this place… forever! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Po! Wow! That was totally cool, Master Ox. A Kung Fu Master
is like the wind. We can find many
different ways to travel. The remaining black blade must be
found and returned to Gongmen City. There’s symbolic value that the Komodo
Dragons cannot be measured. Right, I’m on it. Congratulations, Po,
for finding all of the black blades. Master, this symbol on the blade–
I remember it from Xiao Dan’s throne room. – Where did these black blades come from?
– That is something no one knows. But they are ancient symbols
of conquest of victim. Maybe Xiao Dan didn’t
want them to sell. Maybe he wanted them so he
could become a conqueror. That’s a little frightening possibility. So, Po, what do you
think is going on here? – I think Xiao Dan is behind it all.
– Agreed. He created chaos using the gorillas and the wolves
to lure the Masters away from Gongmen City. Yes, but why? Wait, I know! So awful! Xiao Dan wants to be a conqueror. The Conqueror Of Gongmen City! He did all of this to leave
the city undefended! – We must get back to Gongmen City!
– We must get back to Gongmen City! Viper, where did all these
Komodo Dragons come from? They started popping out
of posies everywhere. They took over everything! Don’t worry, we’ll get rid of ’em! Even if that means doing
it one lizard at a time. Quickly, dispatch more dragons, then! Who let the Masters back into the city?! No matter, there are more than
enough of us to handle them. Oh, yeah?! Well, I think your math’s lousy, ’cause it looks
to me like you don’t have enough guys. Nope, not enough. Destroy the Panda! Wha–? That tricky Xiao Dan keeps
disappearing in a puff of smoke like magic. Magic… with a trap door. Look! – He went into the Undercity.
– Aah! I can’t even fit in there
if I use my Kung Fu Curl! But I know another way
there… The Dragon Gate! I’ll go this way. How is this army so big? The Acu Punch will work on
these boys. It’s a good technique. Po? Is that you, Po? – Viper, where are you?
– I’m up here.

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