Kung Fu Panda 2: The Video Game (PS3) Walkthrough Part 10

Those dragon guys are way tough. But they don’t know
what’s about to hit them! These desert revelers are nothing. The masked dragons we
encountered in the city, well armed, disciplined
and far more dangerous. – We must find those dragons.
– Ah, really? Maybe we should
split up and search. Amazing! Thank you, Po. The dragons took everything! You just missed Master Monkey. Monkey? Did you see Monkey? We didn’t get to see
him do much kung fu. He ran through here with a bunch of
masked Komodo Dragons on his tail. He didn’t even stop for tea. I’m sure he meant no insult. – Which way did he go?
– West. He went West. Found ’em! Monkey’s footprints. And… like a gazillion
Komodo Dragon tracks! It’s Monkey! And those same masked
bandits from the city. Master Monkey. Monkey. – Po.
– Yeah, I’m here to rescue you. Yeah, but who’s going to rescue you? – Sha-sha-booee!
– Freedom! Wow…. I was afraid that
I’d smash you, too. So was I. Po, I found the Komodo Dragon’s hideout. That’s why the whole
army was chasing me. The tracks could tell that
there was a big army. – Can you take me there?
– Sure. It’s a big, ugly barricade. The Komodo Dragons built it. – We must find a way through.
– Master, what about your chi-tastic technicue? Actually, Po, I think it’s time
I teach you my Thunder Strike. It’s all about sintering
and focusing your chi– your inner energy. Here, practice your
Thunder Strike on these trunks. Wait, Monkey, I’ve already been here. You’ve been here. But you haven’t been… here. This door leads to a whole
series of tunnels. They won’t expect us coming
through here, will they? Well, maybe now they know we’re coming. Look at all this rubble. We will need Mantis
to help us through here. I’ll get through there and clear
out the mess. No problem. Ha-ha-ha-ha… Well, well. It’s a couple of Kung Fu Masters. – Your skills won’t help you here.
– Oh, yeah?! And who are you?! – Sorry I asked….
– Ha-ha-ha-ha! Really?! – Is that all you’ve got?!
– Not exactly. Oh, yeah? How’s he figure cannons to these? – Po!
– Monkey? How did you get past the cannons? I missed! Let’s go, and I can hang you
through the higher chamber. Come on!

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