Kung Fu Panda 2: The Video Game (PS3) Walkthrough Part 1

Shen is defeated! Shen is defeated! Whoa… We did it! What an awesome feeling! Did you see Tigress?
She was like striped lightning! Uh, Po… And Monkey? Swinging
around all Monkey Style? That was awesome!
Oh, oh, and… Po… No worries, I didn’t forget you, Viper,
with your snakity-snakeness… Po! Look! Shen may be gone, but his goons
still want to take over the city! So much for celebrating. Come on, guys, let’s go! Out of chaos comes opportunity. – Just like we planned.
– Yes. Now that everyone is distracted,
we can take over Gongmen City! – And so, it’s my belief that…
– Wait, wait, wait! Shen’s the… Wait, hang on… …ran all the way… over here! Whew! Side ache. I’m just… I gotta catch my breath. Po! You’re interrupting. Oh, yeah, sorry. But Shen’s thugs are
running crazy all over town. That’s exactly what we
were just discussing. Without a strong leader, Shen’s
followers are becoming criminals. Unless we take control of them,
the people of this city will lose their spirit. – We must do something!
– On that we’re all agreed. We should divide up the city, root out
the looters and drive them away for good. I will take the northern area. I shall go West. I can go South, to the Docks. And I’ll come along, you know to…
give you some back-up. Yeah. Fighting with the Masters…
So awesome! Okay, you big gorilla, prepare
for some Kung Fu fury! Po, this way! We need to stop the Gorillas
from raiding the gunpowder stockpiles. On it. Thanks, Tigress! And call me anytime
you need help, Po. You got it! You’re not stealing
gunpowder with me around! Guess I showed those guys
not to fool around with me. Po, I’m troubled. There is only half as much
gunpowder here as there was. – What? Half?!
– Yes. More Gorillas must be getting away. I will head them off before
they escape the city. Po, head back the way we came. Yo, Po, we have to stop these wolves
from eating everything in sight! I’m on it, Mantis. I could use your help clearing out
the next market buildings. Lead the way, oh dangerous one. I’ll slip into the cracks and open
the door from the other side. Lightning Rocket Punch! Stinging Bee! I could do that all day! That might be really useful. I like the way you think, but
first we have to throw fists. Master Shifu would say every
time the door opens, “It’s…” – “…open”?
– Something like that. I’m going after them!
Helps to be small. Uh… This is a very
unpleasant surprise, guys!

81 thoughts on “Kung Fu Panda 2: The Video Game (PS3) Walkthrough Part 1

  1. for anyone who doesnt know mantis is voiced by a youtuber by the name Max Koch, he has great videos Awesome impressions He goes by bolwerhat here on youtube but type in Max Koch and he should come up. Check him out!

  2. my brother had brought this for me 🙂 tonight iim gonna play it……when i finish playing the game…im gonna be a ms dragon warior….U ROCK PO!

  3. can u please make a walkthrough on how to get all the red flags please I would really really appreciate it 🙂 please Im a subscriber btw I'm beginning u 🙂

  4. better to go first with the crock master, he gives you the chi special att which is the best attack.the wolves are the easiest opponents as well.

  5. When the animals run yelling, it sounds like the people running yelling from Shrek 2 Far, Far Away or, when Shrek returns at night in the fire.

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