Mama? Mom? Dad? Is that you? Mom! Dad! Oh, hi. Hey, son. You’re back. Honey, what are you doing here? But I thought… We replaced you, dear,
with this lovely radish. – Radish?
– It’s quiet, polite, and, frankly, does better kung fu. No. No, no, no. Wait! No. Radish, radish, radish, radish. Inner pea… Pea… Inner peace. Inner peace! Inner peace! Inner peace! Inner peace! Inner peace…! I’m… training. The mast is not a worthy opponent. – I’m ready.
– OK. So serious. I think I prefer the mast. Apologies. I used to punch the
ironwood trees by the palace to train. Now I feel nothing. That’s severely cool. Again! So, this punching ironwood trees,
how long did you have to do that? – Twenty years.
– Oh, 20, 20 years. Is there any, you know, faster way? You know, until you, you know,
don’t feel anything? No. Besides… … I don’t think
hard style is your thing. Po, why are you really out here? I just found out that my dad
isn’t really my dad. Your dad? The goose. That must have been quite a shock. Yeah. – And this bothers you?
– Are you kidding me? We’re warriors, right?
Nerves of steel Souls of platinum. Like you. So hard-core, you don’t feel anything. – I was…
– So, what are you guys talking about? Nothing. Nothing. Po’s having daddy issues. I’m so lucky.
I don’t have any problems with my dad. Maybe it’s because Mom
ate his head before I was born. – I don’t know.
– Mantis, this isn’t about you. Po is the one freaking out. – I’m not freaking out.
– Po. – I’m freaking in.
– Po! – What?
– We’re here. Gongmen City.

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