Kung Fu Panda 2 – Lord Shen Is Back

Better. Elbow. Straighten it out! [*incomprehensible mumbling*] Shen? Good afternoon, gentlemen. Now we’ve got the pleasantries out of the way, please leave my house. Your house? Yes. Didn’t you see the peacock on the front door? There you are, Soothsayer. It seems your fortune-telling skills are not as good as you thought. We shall see, Shen. No, you shall see, old goat. Where were we? What do you want, Shen? What is rightfully mine. Gongmen City! Gongmen is under the stewardship of the Master’s Council, and we will protect it. Even from you. I’m so glad you feel that way. Otherwise, I’d have dragged that here for nothing. What’s in the box, Shen? You want to see? It’s a gift. It’s your parting gift, in that it will part you. Part of you here, part of you there and part of you way over there, staining the wall! You insolent fool! Show-off. That is a warning. You are no match for our kung-fu. I agree. But this is.

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