Kung Fu Panda 2 – Fireworks Factory Scene [1080p HD]

(Lord Shen) Move, you dogs! Faster, faster! (Lord Shen) Load them all! (Lord Shen) Greetings, panda. (Po) Tell me what happened that night. (Lord Shen) What night? (Po) That night! (Lord Shen) Ah… that night. (Po) Yes! (Po) We’re talking about the same night, right? (Lord Shen) Yes, I was there. Yes, I watched as your parents abandoned you. It’s a terrible thing. (Lord Shen) I believe it went something like… this! (Monkey) Here’s your New Years gift! (Mantis) Hope you like it, ’cause you can’t return it. (Tigress) Po? (Tigress) What’s he doing here? (Monkey) Return it! Return it! (Lord Shen) Are you willing to die to find the truth? (Po) You bet I am! Although I’d prefer not to. (Mantis) We got them. Go! (Po) Looking for me? (Po) Um, I said that too soon didn’t I? (Tigress) Po! (Tigress) Po, get away from him. (Po) No more running, Shen! (Lord Shen) So it seems. (Po) Now. Answers. (Lord Shen) Oh, you want to know so badly. (Lord Shen) You think knowing will heal you, huh? (Lord Shen) Fill some crater in your soul… (Lord Shen) Well, here’s your answer. (Lord Shen) Your parents didn’t love you. (Lord Shen) But here, (Lord Shen) let me heal you. (Tigress) No!

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  1. I don't care how many times I see this scene. The combination of reactions from Po, Tigress and Shifu makes me tear up a little bit

  2. 1:43 That twitch on Shen's head! My budgie (rest in peace) used to do the same thing when she throwed something on the floor! XD

  3. "Your parent's din't love you…but hated you!"
    Shen was talking to himself not to Po, he wanted Po to feel the same pain he did.

  4. I love how, despite being anthropomorphized, most of the characters retain animalistic mannerisms/behavior patterns. Oogway was slow and calculating, the wolves rely on one another HEAVILY in combat, (almost unable to do anything alone) Lord Shen's tail fan spreads when agitated or facing a foe, and tigress' ears lower and bears her teeth when in combat. So many little attentions to detail.

  5. Shen sadistically lies to Po that his parents abandoned him, it's not true they abandon him, only Shen got abandoned by his parents for massacring the pandas in a homicidal, twisted, sadistic, murderous, and bloodthirsty way.

  6. Shen is similar to the following villains:
    1. Penguin from Batman Returns. They appear in movie sequels, are born with monstrous traits, disowned by their parents, grow up to be moral enemies of the heroes, accept their identities by putting their deceased parents behind them, and die with honor.
    2. Pitch Black from Rise of the Guardians, another computer animated film made by DreamWorks:
    They were defeated by their own creations/inventions/weapons.
    Both didn't hate the hero themselves at first (Shen, Po; Pitch, Jack Frost), but a group the hero was part of (Pandas in Shen's case, Guardians in Pitch's case)
    Tried to kill the hero at repetitive attempts.
    3. Judge Claude Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
    Both Control an Army. ( The Wolves in Shen's case; The Notre Dame Soldiers in Frollo's case.)
    Both are Paranoid Villains.
    Both are Game Changers.
    Both are Terrorists.
    Both are the Main Antagonists of their movies.
    Both pursed and killed the hero's moms at the hero (Quasimodo and Po) at infant age.
    Both are insane.
    However, Shen has some redeeming qualities…
    …like he apparently fell sad about his parents' punishments upon him as well as their demise, willingly sent the Soothsayer free and spared her, and admitted that his crimes of killing Po's parents (despite he did not know about Li Shan's survival) as something horrible which "scarred (Po's) life" …
    …whereas Frollo has no redeeming qualities at all…
    since Frollo never felt sad in killing Quasimodo's mom, and not only Frollo tried to make Esmeralda his victim if she refused to become his possession, but also he tried to kill Quasimodo after proudly admitting his murder of Quasimodo's mother – even the murder attempt of an infant Quasimodo – as something righteous which he "should have done 20 years ago".
    4. Scar from Disney's The Lion King
    They are remarkably intelligent and manipulative.
    They have henchman that are related to dog family (Shen: Wolves, Scar: Hyenas).
    They are responsible for the murder of the heroes' parents ( Shen killed Po's mom, Scar killed Mufasa).
    They are very well-mannered, but alao vicious and ruthless.
    They wind up defeating themselves in the end (Shen wound up getting smashed by his own cannon, Scar betrayed his henchmen and wound up getting eaten by them.
    However, there are differences.
    Shen is a mass-murderer against Pandas. While Scar doesn't actually hold anything.
    Shen has a few redeeming qualities, while Scar had none.
    5. Ego from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.
    They serve as the main antagonist in a sequel.
    They are responsible for the murder of the heroes' moms. Because of this, they are indirectly responsible for the events of the first movie in their respective franchises.
    They are incredibly smart, calm, and manipulative, but also unhinged.
    They even dress in light-colored clothing.
    However, Shen is a tragic villain, while Ego is Pure Evil.

  7. This scene emphasizes my teacher as Shen looking down waiting for me to give an answer, the Furious 5 as my friends trying to save me by providing me with an answer, and me as Po trying to give an answer before I fall into a pit of molten metal. They save me by providing me with an answer but then the teacher says it's wrong and I get blasted with a fucking cannon.

  8. 1:36 see the reason Po is losing to Shen over and over is because he didn't let his pain flow out of his spirit so he can focus, he kept fighting it, and the more he fought it, the more stress appeared in his mind, and the more stress appeared in his mind, the more complecated it was for him to process the fact that after all these years, he was adopted, but near the end, when Po was in his home village, he found out that he WAS truly adopted, for a reason, so he can be safe, and live happily, he starts to understand why his mom left in that radish basket, because even though she was going to die, she didn't want her only son to die, so he tries to master inner peace through that scene, but becomes hard due to the rough times he's been through, including getting shot by a canon, but after that he realizes that pain doesn't go away when it's being challenged, it goes away when it sees you don't care whether or not it's here, showing that it does hurt, but believing to get PAST it, and after experiencing that he managed to forget about all those harsh memories, and truly discovers inner peace, and a brilliant plan to take down his mortal enemy, and that's when Shen can't believe the fact that Po got ever his fear of Shen, and shrinks inside, and it becomes easier for Po to defeat him since he can't fight good………………

  9. 1:43 reminded me of Scar when he walked along the valley ridge watching Mufasa getting trampled by wildebeests.

  10. Shen: “Shifu never told you what happened to your father”
    Po: “He told me enough, He told me you killed him!”
    Shen: “No, I am your father!”
    Po:”No, no, That’s impossible!”
    Shen: “Search you feelings you know it to be true”
    Po: “No,Noooo!”

  11. Happy 10 Year Anniversary Kung-Fu Panda; Here's to the another even more beautiful 10 'MORE' Kung-Fu Panda filled years. God bless you Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Dustin Hoffman, Lucy Lui, Jackie Chan, David Cross, & the hilarious Seth Rogen. 💙 Thank you guys SO MUCH for this outstanding franchise; Two Masterpieces that I'm nostalgic about, an insanely enjoyable third installment — A TV show that I'm also very nostalgic about, and lovable TV Shorts. A big skadoosh 👌 to all of you billions of fans out there 😉

  12. Its such a shame that KFP3 didn't have any awesome action scenes like this, and this is not even the best action scene from KFP2.

  13. At this point I honestly believe nothing can Kill Po, he has survived falls that would have killed other characters, on a seemingly daily bases, has gotten pummeled, beaten and even crushed by large weapons and objects as suffer minor injuries, and now just survived a direct cannon, blast "twice". What would it actually take to kill someone who has tanked all of that?

  14. How come if shen's the one using the cannons he can actually hit his target? But if someone else uses it, it always end up a flop.

  15. I love that the cannon growls when shen fires It. Its a Shame It doesent do It any time again in the movie. Its a nice touch.

  16. Most watched kfp villains :
    3) Kai
    2) Shen
    1) Tai-Lung ( but those aren’t clips of him alone , only fights with Po. Shen has basically more views )
    PS: if you didn’t noticed yet, I’m a Shen fan 👍👍👍

  17. The actual scene of Po cornering Shen is Just Incredible. It shows how determined Po is to corner a Prince with an army, and tons of cannons on his side. & the execution of striking the fork was Incredible. This scene Is by far My favorite out of the movie.

  18. "Oh you want to know so badly? You think knowing will heal you? Ha. Fill some crater in your soul? Well here's your answer: Your parents didn't LOVE you!"

    Gary Oldman is so brilliantly scary in this film.

  19. One thing I like is how before Po traps Shen, you can just barely hear him say “I’ll get him. Here we go” before tossing the thing at him. One of those little things that people might not always notice.

  20. 1:47 – 2:00 is the coolest scene in the movie. I love that scene but this was definitely the worst movie in the franchise.

  21. You know instead of Kung fu Panda 2 and 3 we should have got Kung fu Panda – Year of the peacock 1 and 2. With simillar plot points but Shen as the main villain for both and a more in depth history of him. Would have prefered that over Kai.

  22. One of the few examples where the 2nd movie was better than the first. And as for the third, I liked it but it doesn’t even come close to this

  23. 0:27
    Shen: "Oh, what's that? My tail reminds you of your childhood trauma? I'll make sure to whip it out dramatically next time we're face to face!"

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