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  1. Wait, why are their a bunch of re uploads of dreamworksuary vids without movie clips?? Is it because of the strikes happening recently

  2. Too bad, Kung Fu Panda is really dull, it has to many quiet moments that just left me uninterested. There are some genuine touching and funny moments but then it gets really dull and the poorly paced

  3. I liked how they did progress the interaction PO had with the other Furious Five. The television show wasn't keen on following that up though.

  4. The first two Kung Fu Panda movies were fun, it's was actually popular, Hangover II has nothing to do with KFP 2 not doing well. Why are you comparing an R rated stoner film with an animated kids film.

  5. Kung Fu Panda 3 is already out. The lame tirade about the Hangover 2 effecting chances of another movie makes you sound a bit silly

  6. I plan on watching Kung Fu Panda 3 once I get the money. I didnt realize its out and I heard its also very good. I can hardly wait to watch it! ^-^

  7. I do rather see you talking even though you didn't put the clip (damn copyright bullshit) than staring a static picture for 4 minutes

  8. What's with Dreamworks and all their successful movies always having better sequels. Not that I'm complaining, but is that like their Trump Card?

  9. Does anyone know if/when NC's going to start putting clips back on his videos? I know it's a #WTFU protest, but what marks the end of the protest?

  10. Yeah, I was one of those people who actually cried watching Kung Fu Panda 2 in the movie theater.

    Mainly because this film broke my low expectations for how enjoyable it was.

  11. Why is this a thing he does, I'm sorry but this is a lazy way to get new views on old videos. Not only that but this isnt even an entertaining video to reupload. Maybe I missed something and if so, please let me know, but I'm having a hard time with watching old videos, especially ones with no editting or video.

  12. -_- Well seems like this is this is slowly turning into a podcast. Thanks for all the protection YouTube #WTFU

  13. The fact this review actually came out after Kung Fu Panda 3 makes me giggle a bit. xD But I agree. The second one is epic. ^_^


  15. Lord Shen is probs one of the best villans I've ever seen in an animated flick. Never thought I would say that over a fucking peacock, lol.

  16. ugh fucking lack of fair use ruined everything
    hell i would have been happy with seeing footage of the little panda fighter

  17. I would say its the other way around the villainin the first movie was way better than the villain in the second movie.

  18. these panda movies throw the miconecption dont judge a book by its title so hard…its amazing…props dreamworks…..this is like their lion king…a masterpiece….the only small weakness in this movie is the comedy ironically?…wtf …and its still funny its just also mellowed down compared to the first due to the tone and drama and fear scenes

  19. #wftu youtube, this has been reduced to a podcast. and it's only a matter of time b4 they come after the theme tunes as well.

  20. It's funny, I remember not caring for this when it came out, but I really can't remember why. For that matter, I really can't remember much about it, which may be the problem.

  21. I think it's actually super fucking refreshing to see some positive feedback on movies from one of these YouTube movie critics.

  22. The third movie was ok, but lacked the emotional appeal to me. I thought the humor was not right, and too much at times

  23. One of my FAV ANIMATED FILM …EVER !!!!
    that good is this movie…for me.
    same as the one !

  24. Every single line in the script of Kung Fu Panda 2 was painful.
    The only bits that are worth anything are the soundtrack and the animation, those are stellar. Everything else is shit.

  25. Lord Shen made it to my top movie villains, now he is drinking tea with the other greats ones like Darth Vader and The Joker

  26. This is my favorite Dreamsworks movie. I without shame say the scene where it shows the mother with his son one final time and then running off made me cry. The visuals and music really make it emotional.

  27. The movie hit me pretty hard, due to I can relate heavily with being abandoned for a better future, and then being adopted. I think this is the most I ever cried during a movie, to where I had to pause it for several minutes and calm down. Afterwards, I avoided the movie to not stir up my emotions and all. But hilariously enough, I'm from China, so that added to it.

  28. I liked the first film but hated the second. I wanted slapstick training montages and fight scenes but this movie doesn't really have them.

  29. I was crying like crazy, coming from myself hence I am adopted myself. I feel Poe’s feelings of wanting to know your biological family and find out more about yourself and where your family came from. But family comes from friends and the people who know you today and love you the most.

  30. I went to see this film instead of hangover 2 or whatever movies that came out at the same time. It was so grand and I can still remember that scene when po battles against at least 3 ships just firing cannons or fire balls at him! I actually though this is the 3rd kung fu panda just because of how much better it is!

  31. Eh, the third one is kind of a disappointment. Villain isn’t as strong but has a creative way of putting him down. The world finally gets a big expansion on the lore especially from some of the mystical stuff Oogway does in the first one which is just as amazing as how they expanded in the second film. The fight scenes are still pretty impressive, but the editing and pacing really kill some of it. It also has the worst thing Doug hates: A Liar Reveal based story. It sort of lends itself but at the same time, it’s just stupid.

  32. I have always thougth that Jack Black is the perfect cast for Po's character. Really, if Jack Black was an animated superhero, this is who he would be.

  33. I believe what made Kung Fu Panda 2 great was the theme, characters, balanced comedy and drama and the action. This is far the best sequel of the series!

  34. ok. lets be straight here. i never saw them as a couple. there was never a romantic scene between them at all. it works so much better when their relationship is pure comrade-re. they are warriors first of all. their main focus is to keep their country safe they barely have time to form relationships.

    second of all, tigress to me will always be the most badass character in the entire franchise. i never disliked po, but i never liked him either. he is like that character that was never interesting but he is the hero so you have to like him. if po never landed on the arena and named the dragon warrior, tigress would've. and she would've made 10x better dragon warrior than po. i feel that po has alot of ex-machina working in his favor because he is labeled the dragon warrior. like mastering complicated stuff just like that. like the perfect split, or when he caught the firing canon ball, or when he brought people back to life with chi. its almost as if the circumstances are working on his side from the get go which i think is hugely unfair for characters who work their butts off for twenty years to become the dragon warrior but didnt get the title. it's just not fair for tigress. i have seen that type of character a million times. clumsy, failure but then masters techniques just like that becasue he is the hero or the "one" or he is the son of a great legend so that automatically makes him a legend. we've seen that with all the leads in naruto, bleach, one piece, hunter x hunter. which gets very repetitive very fast and unfair to the characters like tigress who worked their lives for this moment but never got it.

  35. there was one thing that my brother pointed out to this since I didn't see it(I didn't wanna see it)

    he said the Wolf Boss got shot by the main villain in the arm, what happened to him after that, he said it didn't seem like a death

    so is he alive?

  36. I’m the only one who like better Kung Fu Panda 1 & 3?! The third movie at least reminded more and especially relived the feelings for first movie, even though I understand why Kung Fu Panda 2 is probably best of the trilogy because there was just darker and edgier theme, more character development, Po's origin and the villain Shen who was just responsible for Po be separate from his family and killed his mother.

    I didn’t like there was too darker and edgier theme at the same time for lighthearted, funny, non-serious, cute and innocent characters as Po who are just the protagonist and one of my most favorite characters of all time, it’s focusing more on the Furious Five, there are more plot-holes and unlike Tai Lung and Kai I didn't like the villain Shen as a peafowl who looks less threatening as a peafowl as even one of the critics criticized too (Kyle Smith of the New York Post said, "It's a bit hard to be terrified of a peacock) and one of the most plot-hole villains I have seen even though Shen was just responsible for Po being separated from his family and killing his mother.

    The plot-holes:
    1. Wasn't Shen psychopath if he didn't want to weaponize fireworks because he want to conquer China anyway at first and/or and how could Shen become power hungry to conquer China if it because he want to waponize fireworks to impress his parents and business of Gongmen City at first who had nothing to do with China, didn't Shen tried to kill all pandas too make sure they wouldn’t stop him to conquer China and how could he believe he would get praise of his parents for that if they weren't even evil too and weren't Shen's parents worried about him also because of his evil nature and want to conquer China?

    Shen would at least get his will to rule over a kingdom since he was at least a prince who are the only heir after his parents to rule over their own kingdom, usually royalties who have and are jealous of their older siblings who are the next to rule over their kingdoms and advisers who dislike their job or never get any praise and honor, become power hungry and will only rule over their own kingdom instead of entire country or the world that have nothing to with them.

    2. Why did Shen want to make an end of kung fu? Shen himself had kung fu skills, kung fu had nothing to do with his backstory, his main goal was to conquer China and kung fu could be useful to conquer China. Shen created a cannon that would put an end of kung fu, but it's not only kung fu it should make an end of if there are anything else are as powerful or more powerful than kung fu, as chi.

    3. The kung fu masters seems more weaker. How could the kung fu masters believe even only one cannon could and didn’t even knew first that Shen at least had more than one cannon to put an end of kung fu and conquer China and how could even Po believe a cannon figurine was Shen's actual cannon when and didn't even laugh just because of it was too small too put an end of kung fu and conquer China?

    Aren’t kung fu masters smarter, too quick and has high strength to hit the cannons and wasn't there other more kung fu masters than just Po, Furious Five, Shifu, Storming Ox and Croc who could also go to stop Shen if they needed more help? Cannon is too slow and heavy to swing fast enough and can only shoot on one place at once if there are more kung fu masters than cannons and are in different directions, even Tai Lung was shown to be cunning and swift enough to avoid firing weapons and was able to defeat the Anvil of Heaven, the Furious Five and Shifu on is own, Tigress hit the cannon down to the bottom floor of Tower of the Sacred Flame and Kai easily defeated many kung fu masters by taking their chi on his own, Thundering Rhino didn’t even dodge of the cannon’s fire. Shen must at least have kung fu skills and learn his wolf and gorilla army kung fu to defeat kung fu masters, Kai and Taotie could make an end of kung fu, Kai easily defeat many kung fu masters by taking their chi on his own and once Taotie created a machine that easily defeat Po, Shifu and Furious Five (without Tigress).

    Why did Thundering Rhino let himself get a blow by cannon? How could the other kung fu masters survive blow from the cannon when Thundering Rhino who easily dies of just a one blow by the cannon when he was bigger and stronger? Po survived probably because of his enormous body fat. Wasn't most important to stop Shen from conqured China than to stop him to put an end of kung fu?

    4. Why is Thundering Rhino's physical appearance different than in Kung Fu Panda Holiday? Why is shown in the credits of Kung Fu Panda 2 Po made the the Furious Five action figures when he was a child if he was fan of kung fu since he was a teenager and the Furious Five were just formed then as revealed in Secrets of the Scroll?

    5. It didn't surprise me and I knew Tigress would understand what bothering Po when she also just had a tragic childhood and was adopted as Po.

    6. Didn't Po let go of his past a little too easily because he didn't have no experience of it and how could he even forgive Shen when he didn't even regret and was sorry for his family?

    7. Why did Po extinguish his paw in his mouth instead when he was just in the middle of the water?

    8. Why is even shown or mentioned that Shen began his plan years before or it was lesser than 30 years ago for the panda massacre and when he was exiled if it was 20 years ago as revealed in Kung Fu Panda 3?


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