Kung Fu Panda 2 – Battle of the Fireworks Factory

– Hurry it up!
– Move it! If all of those weapons
leave the building, China will fall. – We bring down the building.
– Hey, guys. How about this? – This will work!
– All right, let’s go. I can’t feel my face. Did you hear him call it
Year of the Peacock? – Hey.
– Hey. OK. So, keep it cool.
Keep it cool. Keep it cool. You! Where are you going? On your feet! And wipe those
stupid grins off your faces. Move, you dogs!
Faster, faster! Load them all! Greetings, panda. – Tell me what happened that night.
– What night? – That night.
– Ah, that night. Yes! We’re talking
about the same night, right? Yes, I was there. Yes. I watched
as your parents abandoned you. It’s a terrible thing.
I believe it went something like this. Here’s your New Year’s gift. Hope you like it,
’cause you can’t return it. Po? What’s he doing here? Return it! Return it! Are you willing to die to find the truth? You bet I am.
Although I’d prefer not to. We got them. Go! You looking for me? Um. I said that too soon, didn’t I? Po! Po, get away from him. I’ll get up. Here we go. – No more running, Shen.
– So it seems. Now… answers. Oh, you want to know so badly. You think knowing will heal you, huh? Fill some crater in your soul? Well, here’s your answer. Your parents didn’t love you. But here… …let me heal you! No!

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