Kung Fu Panda 2 – Battle of Gongmen City [1/2]

Such sad, sad faces. But now is a time only for joy. You are going to be part
of something beautiful. Once we reach the harbour,
in front of all the world, you and your precious kung fu will die. Then China will know to bow before me. Set sail! Honestly, guys,
I never thought I’d die like this. I always thought I’d meet
a nice girl and settle down and… …then she’d eat my head. – So sad.
– We cannot give up hope. Po would want us to remain strong.
Hard-core. Right, Tigress? – Lord Shen, what about the bridge?
– Nothing stands in my way. Fire! You coward! Po? Po? How many times do I have to kill
the same stinking panda? -I’m pretty sure, he wanted to say the f word.- Shen! A panda stands between you
and your destiny. What? Prepare yourself for a
hot serving of justice. Your reign of terror comes to an end. – What?
– And now, free the Five! Disc of Destruction! OK. Take aim! Ready? You can’t follow me. Just get him! – Yeah. Here we go.
– Come on! – No, no, no, don’t shoot!
– Don’t shoot! No, don’t shoot! – Don’t shoot!
– Don’t shoot! – You don’t shoot!
– I won’t shoot if you won’t shoot! Yeah! – Don’t shoot! Cross fire!
– Attack! – Catch of Freedom!
– Monkey! Impressive, Dragon Warrior.
What’s your plan? – Step one, free the Five.
– What’s step two? Honestly, I didn’t think
I’d make it this far. Po! Stop Shen before he gets to the harbour. Nice! Viper, Puppet of Death! Tigress! – Master Ox!
– Jump! – And Croc!
– Vengeance is served. – Why did you…?
– Your friend there is very persuasive. Master Shifu! Quickly. Use their boats
to block the way. Crane! Wings of Justice! Yeah! What? I love you guys. Why aren’t we firing? They’re taking out our gunners, sir.
They’re getting close. Fire. Fire! F-Fire at them! – But, sir, we’ll kill our own.
– I said fire at them! FIRE! No. Po!

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