Kung Fu: Master Kan Tells Caine Why They Accepted Him Into the Temple

Master are you never lonely? Do you feel loneliness? But I do not understand why denied the experience of So many things that other men desire I do not Do you remember the day you? first came here Stood in the rain We did not play games with the others My parents were dead That was alone. Is that why you waited so long? So patiently to join us. Yes. It was we too were alone But you lived here together Man, like the animals is meant to live together with others like himself But the meaning of belonging to such a fool is found in the comfort of silence and the companionship of solitude Is that why you let me enter and taught me? We taught you young man Because you already knew

12 thoughts on “Kung Fu: Master Kan Tells Caine Why They Accepted Him Into the Temple

  1. That was weird, I held the device I used up to my ear, & 'accidentally' clicked like.
    ps, any chance of including subtitles to these videos Grasshopper? They are usually too good & profound to miss any of the wisdom.

  2. we taught you young man because you already knew…
    I don't know what that means but it sounds so beautiful when master Kan says it.
    perhaps it means that the monks saw that even as a boy Caine possessed the qualities that were Intristic to the shaolin lifestyle. before he even entered the temple he demonstrated a lack of pride, patience, physical and mental endurance , humility, and non conformaty in refusing to play with the other children refusing to become comfortable and come out of the rain and refusing g to sit or lie down even though fatigued cold wet and hungry.
    even when he was granted e trance he had enough self control and respect to let his elders drink and eat first though hungry and thirsty himself.
    it's no wonder he became one of the most legendary shaolin ever to come out of that temple.

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  4. I remember when this show was originally shown on television, its messages are still relevant today.
    television nowadays has lost its way

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