Kung Fu Master Fights Xu Xiaodong For 30 Million – MMA vs Kung Fu

fight commentary breakdowns And we are going to watch Xu Xiaodong Remember I promised you guys, all you people watching? This is his fight with the new kung fu quote, unquote master This looks like almost like um pride in Japan a little bit, right? K1, dang this guy is just… the kung fu master’s swinging I mean yeah but the guy in the rash guard … he’s not defending… Yeah, he’s not caring he’s like whatever…he’s like I don’t
care about you. That’s Xu Xiaodong. throwing some kicks…very sloppy Oh…yikes…Wow…Holy Smoke…he’s going for elbows This guy, this MMA fighter is just letting it fly….
-Yeah oh he’s being disrespectful…I hate that. I hate that. the way…how he…just yeah
he’s just trying to make light of it. I hate that. That drives me nuts. It’s like you
know we beat your opponent but like don’t be disrespectful…yeah
this is why Xu Xiaodong gets so much hate he’s not very respectful but on the other hand there was a lot of smack talk between the two of them, so maybe this is
why I mean he straight-up opened him up like under 30 seconds… broke his nose. Wow….oh wow…that’s crazy there…are they waving it off…I don’t
think so because there’s a lot of money at stake I believe some rich Chinese
millionaire or billionaire okay I guess he’s showing off so what’s this what’s the story behind this guy? why is he…so he… he just says a lot of Kung fu is bullshido, and so he’s going around saying any kungfu guy that wants to prove to me
otherwise fight me so he’s very vocal about it?
-Yeah, he very vocal about it. and what’s his background is he
he’s he never trained kung fu or he has trained kungfu and then he converted to
mix martial arts I am gonna go for the second option which is that he probably trained kungfu when he was younger and then he…just got a chip on his shoulder, he has a chip on his shoulder…okay Wow he’s being so disrespect it’s ridiculous…. yeah this is why, this is why even I don’t really like him as much as some of the stuff he says
it’s very correct I don’t really like him yeah…so there’s a lot of money at
stake, I believe, in this fight oh look at this, he’s just basically like, “Oh this is wasting my time.” That is, I mean, has he ever been really
tested though? Yeah, he went to a Chinese top-notch
kickboxing gym and he got his skull cracked open oh okay it would be interesting to see him get humble just to see how he responds yeah yeah…cuz
that really shows you somebody’s character…yeah…when they, how they bounce
back from defeat…exactly and so I believe this kung fu master is being paid millions to fight Xu Xiaodong Geez
-yeah but what about him? does he get
paid? -No, doesn’t get paid at all…oh! I think that’s why he was being disrespectful.
-What’s the point in that? He just wants, he just wants to prove a point that most of Chinese kung fu’s
bullshido, that’s what he says Wow I mean this guy I mean this guy had skills I
mean don’t get me wrong he was he was striking really really well he just
didn’t defend very well -Exactly and he must…I mean he seems significantly older
-Yeah I think he’s in his 40s at least Maybe in his fifties how in the world do they expect him to see? -Yeah he can’t see through that. What in the
world? this is China hahaha…
-What is going on? -Yeah He probably signed a clause that said, “Look if you get hurt unless you get completely
knocked out you have to keep fighting I think that’s why they’re making him
fight yeah but it’s more difficult to… hahahaha…-he can’t see a darn thing this is a farce man, this is a farce They’re like, “Hey, by the way we saw that you were losing now we’re gonna blindfold you [laughter] one of the guys back there was cracking up [laugh] Look at Xu Xiaodong, he’s like: I’m about to fall asleep. this is insane… -I know Dude this is the state of martial arts in China man. What happened? Wow… -Yeah this you would never see in America… So when did this happen? When did this fight occur? I believe yesterday Today’s the 12th, right? um no, so this happened, I believe this happened two days ago because the 12th
in China was two days ago our time in LA. Well, you know, props to this guy for getting his nose broken and still being like gung ho but… -Yeah he’s like
I’ll fight you… -I just don’t understand why they covered his eyes… -Yeah… -It’s like
impossible for him to see a punch coming now well maybe now he’s gonna go by
sense…oh, now he’s kicking Do they think that that bandage is gonna
stay on? It’s coming off and -It is Tape’s already coming off Oh he’s going more aggressive now I mean he’s got…honestly he’s got okay strikes… -Yeah… -He doesn’t
defend very well in terms of like covering up while he’s striking… -Yeah oh so it looks like this fight there’s no ground fighting at all. It’s just stand up I mean, it’s not like he’s not landing cuz he is landing it’s just that this MMA
fighter guy…what’s his name again Xu Xiaodong… -Xu Xiaodong he is clearly
not intimidated by his striking. -Yeah You know what I mean? He it’s he’s so he’s so disrespectful He’s just taking strikes to the face
-Yeah and just basically saying like you’re not even affecting me at all -Yeah and this guy I mean like
he’s older… -mm-hmm… -but like doesn’t matter man…like an older guy can still put his body behind it and knock you out Oh now he’s trying for elbows…look
at that Xu Xiaodong’s like… I don’t even care about your elbows -Yeah Wow Xu Xiaodong is completely just messing around… -mm-hmm look at his belly… -Yeah it’s mental warfare yeah you know he’s just basically… that hurts…-He’s good at kicking him in that spot right there oh yeah and he obviously doesn’t know how to check it
-Yeah he doesn’t even know how to remove… obviously you want to have
distance management and get out of there but he doesn’t know how to
check it even if he doesn’t remove himself from the range -Exactly. His hands are by his hips, he’s about to get knocked out -Yeah he’s just wait waiting for him to get tired…he’s taking… -Oh! See when you when you take away that
lead leg like that, you take away all the snap in the jab because when you
jab you’re you’re landing on that lead leg after the lunge
-uh-huh -and if you can’t land properly well then you don’t have the ability to
land a proper jab -Oh it make sense It takes all the power out of your jab -uh-huh
-so that’s why you’ll see like if you know if somebody’s going up against
a really heavy striker -mm-hmm -they will attack that lead leg and in an attempt
to remove their power wow wow they are not letting this kung fu guy quit man Oh! Xu Xiaodong throwing a spinning back kick He literally… He’s like, “I don’t care if you hit the back of my head.” [Laugh] Yeah. He knows that he’s blindfolded -Yeah Oh second round? -I feel like there was a
hyper cut I just like -Yeah -All of a sudden we’re in round two. What happened to the rest of round one? Wow the ref just got hit in the face
-I think the ref just got knocked [Laughter]
The ref just got chin-checked Dude, this this is even funnier than a Pride fight Look at the ref they gotta take that bandage off the
dude’s face it’s just this is too much man [laughter] the one thing I will give Xu Xiaodong
credit for: he’s not being as aggressive as when he fought some of the other kung
fu masters -Right
-before he would just knock them out very quickly -right
he’s actually trying to give him a chance well, yeah…I mean that can be a couple of
things: one, either he wants to get more screen time -uh-huh -or two he is waiting
for this guy to punch himself out because when somebody’s exhausted, it’s
much easier to ko them oh I see Oh he ate another elbow man, he does not
care yeah, that’s just, I mean it’s stupid to absorb damage -yeah -even if the guy’s
older than you This doesn’t have as much snap like
it’s stupid to absorb that Xu stepped on the ref [Laugh] especially Xu Xiaodong is supposed to fight Yilong the fake Shaolin monk guy soon, so Xu Xiaodong should not be absorbing damage like this oh my gosh dude this
poor dude’s not gonna feel his legs tomorrow -Yeah…he’s probably not gonna
feel a lot of things tomorrow I mean the amount of damage he’s taken already so our kung-fu master’s name is Tian Ye Tian Ye
-Tian ye Tian means field; Ye means wild Oh You were right, man. He was just waiting for the guy to be tired That move right there is what cracked Xu Xiaodong’s skull When he sparred the Muay Thai guy Yeah, he went to one of China’s top MMA gyms to spar them so what is he saying….let’s see…cheng nuo he’s like, “no, we don’t have any more to
do with each other, me and this guy.” He asked me if you wanted to give him a
rematch or something? Yeah he’s like, “Nope.” The guy’s blindfolded…how are you gonna
fight blindfolded? look at look at the huge bruise in the right of his rib area A rib kick sucks let’s see what they’re gonna ask him he’s 56 -Geez I mean that’s incredible for a 56 year old
-Yeah they call him Professor Tian Ye even though I don’t know why what is he saying? Let’s listen. He’s got heart so he’s like, “I’m a martial artist, so I
need to be able to take challenges.” right Liang Jian means I will pull out
my sword when needed So…this Bruce Chinese Bruce Buffer said, “Yes you pulled
out your sword, unfortunately, it wasn’t sharp and it didn’t have its time to
shine [laughter] but he’s being very respectful about he’s been like you know you pulled
out your your sword it didn’t work but still yeah it’s it’s life I mean here’s the thing, dude, the guy’s a 56 year old You know what I mean?
-Yeah I mean like can you imagine I mean
I don’t know how old the opponent is Xu Xiaodong, I think is 40 or 42 okay yeah, he looks a little bit younger he looks like he’s like 36 maybe but like…I mean
if these two guys were similar in age you never know -yeah exactly exactly -I
mean you’re 56 dude it’s just like and you’re blindfolded -yeah -you know -yeah
-it’s come on… I mean mad props to the guy for staying in it, you know. Agreed and then I think one of the things our guy really didn’t understand besides kicking
and distance management he didn’t know how to fight in the clinch Yeah.
-I’m pretty sure he ate that elbow in the clinch they were kind of sort of uh it
was clinching range Yeah and that stuff that like look the fight game is always evolving -Yeah if you’re not if you’re not doing active
you know you don’t have to be doing full-contact but you do need to be going
to different gyms yeah and experiencing different body types
and different techniques you know because everyone’s always looking at the
latest tape -yeah
-like the latest fights latest tape developing new techniques
and if you’re not learning and growing you get left behind… -yeah exactly -and it
doesn’t take more than…doesn’t take more than a half a year to get left behind
-agreed looks like it was those two elbows that Xu Xiaodong give them so that one missed but… They’re clinched oh that one and then that one
so those two broke the guy’s nose Yeah I mean for 56 year old that’s incredible
that this dude was able to stay in it that long yeah agree… and then…yeah he
really he really gave it his all man yeah and then the last move, the same
move that took down Xu Xiaodong boom!
-Right in the gut. Didn’t even didn’t even go for a head. Just went for the body Yeah, you can tell at this point he was so tired out…
-yeah… His hands weren’t even up when Xu Xiaodong
launched the kick. I mean he basically walked from the entire length of the ring, you
know Ooof Well, you gotta live in reality and reality dictates that you got to train and you got to train with with people who are going hard and
you got a train with people who are developing new techniques -Exactly
You cannot live in the theoretical world exactly exactly and even if someone pays
you millions of dollars you still have to know what you’re capable of just because you have millions of dollars on the line doesn’t mean you should
challenge an MMA fighter that’s much younger Yeah because I’m pretty sure from
what I read it’s the 56 year old that challenged Xu Xiaodong, so… I was I was looking at something I can’t remember who I was talking with the other day but
they were talking about how heart is so important oh I know it was Sean. Sean McDonald. Saying heart is so imperative but heart is the thing that you tap into after the skills Yeah exactly like it’s at the end like when both people are exhausted and all the skill sets have been exhausted then then
the heart matters yeah it’s the x-factor right yeah but if you go into it
expecting that the heart is going to overcome that skill set or whatever it
may be or or the other person’s training or cardio it won’t. -Exactly
-It won’t do it there was a there’s another million-dollar fight I think it was
maybe not more than like a week ago It was… Vinny Magalhaes versus a guy
named O’Connell -mm-hmm In PFL Vinny Magalhaes just got exhausted -mm-hmm
-And he ended up getting TKO or actually I think it
went to decision but essentially got TKOed multiple times throughout the fight
by O’Connell because: One, O’Connell knew he was on his way out
-mm-hmm -it was like his last fight he’s retiring and Vinny Magalhaes was
carrying so much muscle that like he just could not keep that much muscle
alive for the duration Makes sense…boxing goes 12 rounds And O’Connell’s trained by Jeremy horn and Jeremy Horn Is like he’s been through everything; that guy’s been through every single submission in the book you’d like…you can’t surprise Jeremy Horn so yeah -yeah
interesting…interesting when a million dollars is on the line like what people will
do Yeah exactly so guys coming up, Xu Xiaodong is gonna
fight Yilong the fake Shaolin monk he’s a fake monk I’m not saying he’s a
fake martial artist I’m sure he can fight so this will be an interesting
match because yes he’s a fake monk but he can I think he probably can fight
better than Xu Xiaodong so Xu Xiaodong might have a lot more on his hands
than he thinks because when when he fights Yilong it could be when Xu Xiaodong gets humbled when you say he’s a fake monk does that mean like he hasn’t gone through the process of becoming one? yeah exactly… they just shaved
his head and gave him branding It’s like a character it’s a character yeah and most people
don’t realize that they think he’s a real Monk because the Tony Jaa actually
became a monk He did The whole entertainment
industry got to him and then he quit it for a few years and he became a monk Dude, you’d have to stay…you have to
be true to yourself…you have to know who you are yeah in the entertainment
industry for sure yeah…so guys leave your comments below this was Jerry and Rob and we brought to you Xu Xiaodong vs Tian Ye. MMA versus
kungfu fight commentary breakdowns out

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  1. We made a response addressing a lot of angry comments from viewers of Super Eye Patch Wolf's documentary on fake martial arts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHEhEGdrfVk

    October 29, 2019 Update – Xu says on his live stream that Tian Ye (kung fu master) only got 10,000 RMB for this fight. Watch Xu clarifying some information from his point of view here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wCQpkImPaI
    Also, here's more information on the opponent (Tian Ye) of Xu Xiaodong in this fight: https://youtu.be/AEvKOY7NM9c
    Xu Xiaodong vs "monk" Yilong. Share with us your thoughts on that match and who you think will win!

    To learn Chinese from Jerry, go here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_E_R34VQo47FfnwF3ABlDQ

  2. Ya'll are just too much of a little bitches saying things like that! The man is trying to make something for his people, JESUS MAN THE FUCKUP!!!!! The so called Master does not know how to fight and is called a MASTER!!! Fucking RICIDULOUS!!!!

  3. You didn't give Xu props for not beating the stuffings out of the "blind" guys face when he got that ridiculous bandage.

  4. Even if Xo wasn't angry, and even if he was disrespectful, he had reasons to be. His son is to disprove their ineffective martial arts that they progress is so good that even an old man can defeat this younger mma fighter. As it pertains to Xo:s anger… They pushed him and made a fool of him for calling them out. Screw them. Continue doing your thing Xo

  5. What is disrespctful? Lying to citizens that taichi is viable self defence or proving this statement wrong despite everyone hating you?

  6. You two talk a lot about disrespect, but what you omit from your video is that pretty much everything Xu is saying is absolutely right, and Xu is proving that he's right through every fight. These fake "martial artists" deserve Xu's disrespect.

  7. I've always been in awe everytime I watch shaolin kungfu videos, why hasn't any shaolin warriors tested shu xiao dong yet?, I highly doubt shu could beat one of those guys

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  11. You don’t know his back story, the Chinese government has ruined this guy’s life because he has tried to expose these “masters” for being fake and taking peoples money. He has every right to taunt them every chance he gets for what has happened to him and his family.

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  14. Where in the hell is the kung fu master ? Take any drunk brawler in a pub, you'll have a better fight.

    Thank you Xu Xiaodong for exposing these fake masters.

  15. Softer spoken commentator here was caping hard for the old man. And hating on Xu. Xu might not have the nicest personality but when you consider how much the gov has actively censored, restricted and tried to humiliate Xu then all sympathy for the traditional martial artists should be eliminated. Just look at the fact that Xu isn’t getting paid here! When the other guy is making a million and there’s no guarantee you will win I don’t care about seeming “disrespectful.” Pay me too and I’ll respect the fight. Until then this is an attempt to humiliate me.

  16. I just wanted to watch the fight. these two clowns talking obviously know nothing about the fighters or the background of MMA in China, just mute the video to enjoy it in peace.

  17. You’d think “fighting commentators” would do a little research over the bout they’re discussing. It’s disrespectful to say all this about Xu (or any other fighter) without knowing exactly who they are and what the situation is. You guys own a PC with an internet connection, use it.

  18. Imagine doing a breakdown on a fight between a Kung Fu master and an MMA fighter for 30 million and not even bothering to google either of them before tossing out shitty opinions.

  19. That was brutal, kung fu master is just a dancer, not a fighter. And I totally dig why the Chinese government ruined that fighters life: anything and anyone that even slightly disrespects anything China stands for and the unity of it, they will chew them to the bone. Look at Tibet, Hong Kong, kidnappings of bookstore owners, etc.

  20. Calling Xu disrespectful shows how either out of touch the commenters are or how they too are much more interested in that Red money.

  21. How can you say you don’t like this dude? Because he’s disrespectful? You ever faced down the government of China? You ever had the Chinese government take away your ability to have a place to live? Food to eat? What Xu is doing is exposing fraudulent Kung Fu “masters” who claim to have supernatural abilities. He doesn’t just target anyone who fights with Kung Fu, he specially goes after fake Kung Fu “masters” who are essentially gaining cult like status including having followers who give them lots of money for being god-like. I’m surprised by the name of your channel you haven’t done the slightest of research on this dude. He literally has had his life ruined by the Chinese government, had to move his family due to death threats, is trying to get citizenship in Australia due to the death threats against himself. He’s not just some cocky prick who wants to beat people up, he’s doing something extremely important showing the people of China and indeed all over the world who believe in this pseudoscience of human mortal men possessing god like powers and using their assumed abilities to control people and dupe people out of their livelihoods. He’s essentially James Randi if Randi was a fighter. Pay attention to this guy, the Chinese government may end up disappearing him. I highly highly highly suggest you research into Xu and the atrocities that the Chinese government has committed on this dude simply for showing that all these Chinese grand masters who claim they can kill a man with one finger and all that pseudo fake Frank Dux types of fighting styles. Look into him. He’s an important person speaking out against what China is doing to the people of Hong Kong and the way the government is attempting to silence him for proving most of these Chinese Kung fu grand masters who claim supernatural powers are full of shit and can’t really fight.

  22. Why should he respect these scammers and con artists that peddle this dangerous notion of "self defence".

    This guy has traded his life to highlight the ridiculousness of these people.

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  29. Look here combat sports are no joke bro you need to be at the top of your skills to survive some people in MMA or other types of martial arts Kung Fu masters that been years decades practicing this arts are no joke but there's a lot of people around that think throwing few kicks anda few animal poses are badass is not they will only get their asses kick by real ones this videos are hilarious nice job guys

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  32. If there is any intelligent people out there watching this dumbass video, Would realise that both of these fighters are very poor. Xu Xiaodong is so bad he makes street fighting look like ballet.
    The video commentator is trying to hype up MMA as the best thing since gold was realise precious. It simply indicates his lack of knowledge for what is real martial arts. Any IDIOT can pounch and kick. Any jackass motherf….. can hurt someone. That does not mean they do martial art if they can inflict pain.

    If you are smart you would realise the kung fu fighter is not using kung fu techniques of any kind but simply fighting a sport game which is played directly into the hands of this Xu Xiaodong.
    If you wanted to fight Mike Tyson you would not fight him boxing but street fighting. Bottom line is fight a fight your way and not what the opponent knows. Now I am rooting for this kung Fu Guy as he should not have been there fighting.

    Xu Xiaodong is a fat and slow with no show of any true technique whatsoever. He is a perfect example however of how bad MMA is and the morons commentating on this video does not know any better. . So why is this so called kung fu master fighting this fat MMA dude (Xu Xiaodong) boxing?
    MMA is NOT MARTIAL ARTS. I would love to see if Xu Xiaodong could handle fingers in the eyes or strikes to his throat from a true master. However true masters of the martial arts do not show off and have nothing to prove.
    I hope there is individuals out there that understands this and that MMA to many is now seen as misguided martial arts. (I prefer the name Morons Martial Arts). However stupid name calling still makes it effective. Just like a street fighter who perfectly times a kick to the groin. There is no more to MMA./ Cage fighting.

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  34. Has either of the commentors ever trained at any combat sports? Xu didn't target the nose after he broke his nose, if I was fighting the fraud that nose would be my number 1 target, but instead he targets the legs and body. He did that because he didn't want to kill this old fraud, he was being kind to a Thief and a fraud, who most certainly didn't diserve any respect after all the shit talking this "master" did before the fight. Xu is a hero to real martial artists, the man has more balls that these 2 shit stain commentators will ever have.

  35. Hey fuck you, if you don’t know any shit then shut the fuck up, he’s fighting the fake kungfu masters who scams for living, not against Kung fu in general.

  36. Xu Xiaodong was not looking for trouble. Trouble came looking for him. Watch this video to know the reasons he challenges fake kung fu masters (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UvRavszvPY). The fakes asked for it.

    There are many fakes out there nowadays. Not just kung fu or any martial art. There are many fake people, friends, politicians, religious fanatics, influencers, celebrities and so on that claim to be good and righteous. They can continue to fool many because no one brave enough like Xu Xiaodong exposes them yet.

    Xu Xiaodong's mission is to expose the fakes. He is not doing this for anyone. He is doing this for his own sanity. He wants to stay true to himself and being real. If he doesn't destroy the fakes, truth can't prevail. I am not doubting real kung fu Masters exist in China. Now at least real progress can begin when the fakes are being destroyed.

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