Kung Fu Life Lessons: The Secret of Success

The key to success is how attracted that
you are towards the goals that you exactly want. And what keeps you away
from that is distractions or the doubts that maybe other people put in your head
or really you-you-you put in your own head. When you’re constantly thinking
about, “Oh I should do this because of this person’s going to not
like me then,” or you’re trying to live up to someone’s ideal of you or
expectations of you that’s not your goals. Your goals are very specific and
deep down you already have the answers you already know what you want, but
you’ve got to trust. You’ve got to trust yourself–you have to have
confidence in what you already know deep down and not be distracted by the things
that are outside–the things that the flashy things that come your way–the
ideas of, “Oh maybe I should do it this way or maybe I should do it this way,” The
constant changing because you’re doubting yourself. The key is how
attracted are you to your goals. So whatever your big goals are for your
life write them down every single day. Write
them down several times a day. Write them up in your house, saying to yourself how, how
well do you know those goals and how attracted are you to those goals, because
there’s a lot of different things we do throughout our day, a lot of mundane
tasks that we have to do in order to, in order to live our lives every day and
it’s very, very important that we’re not distracted by those mundane tasks. Of
course they need to be done, but we can’t allow them to take us off track of
really our main goal–our main goals. We, we’ve got to stay
on task there. So this is really, it’s the law of attraction or the law of
distraction and the law of distraction is basically doubt, fear driven and that
law of attraction is, is confidence and trusting in yourself
trusting in where you’re headed and, and, and that, that, that’s basically it. So
focusing, write down your stuff every single day. Putting it on paper really
matters. Put it up where you can see it every day. Write it over and over and
over that, that, that, act of writing things changes, changes it when you write
down something on paper just, just changes it–even, it’s even better to
write it on paper than it is to type it into your computer or your phone, because
you’re, you are doubling down every single time you write it. You’re, you’re
telling your mind and yourself, “Oh this is important to me this is very
important to me,” You’re not just reading it again–something that you’ve written
previously. So this helps you stay on task it helps you fixate on their goal.
In Kung Fu we call it, you know, we call it the center line–we’re always fixated
on the other person’s center line–but you know, that, that’s, that’s our goal for,
for, for fighting, but you know, our goals in life are different, but we still must
fixate on them. We must be obsessed with our goals and anything less than that is
gonna make you less successful.

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