Kung Fu Life Lessons: “Attack the Day”

The lessons that I’ve learned through my
studies of Kung Fu, have transformed the way that I look at life. You want to attack every single day. You
wake up, and you have a responsibility to be the predator of the day. You are not
the prey, you are the predator. You are hungry.
Hungry for more, hungry for your food, hungry for things that nourish, you
hungry that, for things that grow you, things that make you empower, things that
make you feel great. Right? Attack the day! Attack what it means, attack your
issues. And this is what I’ve learned from my studies of Wing Chun, is when
someone’s coming at you, you do not look at it in a defensive way. You don’t say
“Oh no, this is a big strong person coming at me! They’re coming at me with a really
strong punch, or kick, or something like that,” no, you look at their center, you
look at your goal, and when they come at you, you really think of it as, “Man I’ve
got to hit this person,” or “Do they, do they really understand what’s about to
happen to them? Do, do they really understand how open they are for me
right now?” And that’s how you turn the tables on these different issues, is you
completely look at it in a different way. And when you start to look at things in
a different way, you can empower yourself to be the one who attacks, every single
day, and stop looking at things, like, in a defensive way, whether that means, “Oh I’ve
got to save all my money,” right? Or, you know, whatever it might be, you’ve got to
look at it as, “How can I grow every single day?” And that means attacking the
day. So what can you invest in your day? How much, how much can you put into your
day? How much can you put into growing yourself, every day, instead of thinking
of it as, “Oh no I got to go through this day again”? No,
you get to go through the day again! This is the journey of life, and
this is what Kung Fu has taught me, and, and that’s why I’m sharing it with you.

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