Kung Fu Knife Defense Techniques : Kung Fu Self Defense Tips: Knife Awareness

Hi my name is Dan Schmidt from the Chinese
Martial Arts Center in Seminole and in this clip we are going to be discussing basic knife
awareness. So sometimes if you have to face somebody with a knife first you have to get
into your mind that you are going to get cut most likely. So to keep yourself from getting
the worst possible injury there is a few things you can do to prevent it. First of all number
1 you have to be prepared and aware. You have to know how to stand. The best way to stand
against a knife is actually with the palms in like this and this keeps your veins on
the inside so they don’t get a clean cut. Also with your elbows in like this you are
not exposing your internal organs. So if you notice it is kind of hard to stab in. I mean
I can move around this way, I can grab when my palms are open. It is very very hard for
them to stab straight in this way, here you can grab and do whatever you have to do. Also
you want to make sure you notice what kind of grip they have. From this kind of grip
usually they are more skillful knife fighters because here you get more power, you can come
across the waist, you can upper cut, stab straight in. With the other type of grip,
just straight in it is very limited, they can poke straight in, they can slide up but
there is not too much power. You are going to get very little of a cut so if it is the
other way you might have to change your techniques a little bit. You want to use more techniques
where you can go straight to the inside or come back this way. You have to move to the
outside so you have to be aware of these things. That is some basic knife awareness.

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  1. actually this video is wrong the grip of the knife doesnt mean that the person is more skilled with a knife. Pakal grip (reverse grip) with a knife is not more powerful it is meant to control the person up close not really for slashing. Sak Sak (Regular) grip is more powerful by using gravity on the downward angles causing much more damage to a person. Both grips are dangerous non the less.

  2. Ahhh, the "Flashers vs Slashers" theory.. I agree, the "Flashers" want something and use the knife to get what they want. "Flashers" aren't out to use the knife untill after they get what they, or in some case, not get what they want.

    "Slashers" hide the knife until they cut/stab because their objective is to make you bleed, and a surprise attack is just the way to do that..

  3. flashers vs thrashers theory? youve lost me.

    theory in the martial arts is to risky.

    conditioned reflex is what will save your arse.

    its better to practice one techniques a thousand times, than practice a thousand techniques once.

    thanks for the response, could you elaborate?

  4. messing around with edged weapons is dangerous full stop.

    watch some of paul vunaks videos.

  5. It's my theory, so googleing won't help you.

    Basically, if someone wants to cut or stab you, they will. They will conceal the knife and reveal it mid stab/slash. If someone wants something besides blood, they will pull the knife out and threaten you.

    I'm trying to put attackers armed with knives into generic categories.

  6. hahah no im surprised at all just trying to let some pple know this stuff is crap so they dont try it out and get killed haha

  7. wow, this is horrible. i doubt you would want to punch some one once you block the knife attack. you would want to gain control over the knife. common sense right?

  8. The best self defence is prevention.

    What the hell were you doing in a situation where another guy has a knife and wants to stab you with it? You must have said something really stupid.

  9. benanman

    I know a person, father of 2, responsible and calm, who suffered an attack by two guys. One had a knife (small, not sure exactly what) and the other a machete. So please understand better what is possible to happen…

  10. No, passing outside a club. These 2 were not allowed in and went mad. They attacked him and he had done nothing t them…

  11. early on when they were more up close you could tell that the "knife" was dull and probably couldn't cut a tomato if he wanted to

  12. So take out your wallet, and give it to them. They won't stab you if you don't say or do something stupid. Get skilled with your communication, and you'll avoid these situations.

  13. Sometimes if they're afraid of getting caught.. They will slice you no matter what.. You will have to see his body language in order to know when to give it up.. Or to save your life. 🙂

  14. Hmm.. Agreed until part on "aware about the attackers grip"…
    In reality if the guy moves to stab you – you will have problems spotting a knife.. So I'd stop talking about grips and deal with any punch or kick as a knife attack. Reasons: 1) Darkness 2) multiple attackers (unable to see who has the weapon) 3) small blade 4) Hidden blade. 80% of those stabbed did not know until after the incident.

  15. ahhh
    how to get stabbed
    no knife wielding fool is going to slow motion attack you from a stupid angle, they are going to jump forward and grab you while sticking a hole in you. they arent going to stand far away and slice in a huge angle from the side.

    big fat fail.

  16. yep if you get held up with a knife or gun give the person what he wants and run away or just run away. you far less likely to get shot while running in a zig zag and def less likely to get stabbed… if you are cornered and it is you only choice cause you KNOW they are going ot kill you .. then self defense.

  17. You obviously have never come across a REAL knife fighter, who can generate power from any grip and even CHANGE his grip mid-flow!!!

    You are right… wisdom does involve having knowledge, facts and experience – real experience!

    Your comments show that you lack all!

  18. I have no problem with expecting to get cut. Realizing you won't become cyborg jesus and avoid anything, no matter how bad your odds are, isn't the same as having the goal of those things happening. My problem is that kung fu isn't practical for self defense.

  19. @80KungFu You've obviously never seen a real life knife-fight with somebody who knows how to use one…

    You WILL get cut in a real knife fight. What he's saying is get yourself mentally prepared for that to happen so when it does happen you won't freak out or freeze up.

  20. That was actually really helpful, despite what some other people are saying. It wasn't flashy and unrealistic, like some Krav Maga video's I've seen. You need to crawl before you can walk, you know. I though this was really helpful for learning the basics and not getting stabbed (which is kinda the point).

  21. See some of Paul Vunaks videos on this subject!

    The best way to practice knife defence is put a red marker in your partners hand and say "Go" free style!

    Don't freeze frame the the techs, just let them do what ever they want!

  22. Nice video, but I have to disagree with the comment about "skilled" knife users hold the blade in reverse grip. That is not true at all! That's a myth that has been around a while but has no truth to it at all.

  23. Um WholsShogun, that actually is true about skilled knife fighters. The military teaches you to hold your K-Bar that way because you generate more power from you larger muscle groups, like your biceps and pectorals. As opposed to holding it like a shank where you use smaller muscle groups, like the ones in your wrist and forearm. But this would only happen if you were being attacked by a Marine (which is pretty unlikely) the average thug is going to hold it like a shank.

  24. @JHDiddles12
    Maybe the military guys train that way, but I dont think of them as "skilled" knife fighters. They train a short time and only a small range of skillsets. Look at the Kali, Eskrima or AMOK! guys for an example. Yes its true that it generates more power in some of ways. But it also strongly limits Ur options in a knife fight. If U, God forbid, get attacked by someone skilled with a knife U will not see the blade. If U do se the blade, it will be to late! =)

  25. I agree with everything you said except that it limits your options. You have all the same options as the "shank way" to hold a knife.

  26. In my experience it limits the ranged attacks on example knife vs knife. I've done knife vs knife sparring and tried different ways of holding. But then again U gain the use of the blade to pull and "grab" the other guys arm in reverse. =) My point was simply that its a martial arts myth that "skilled knife fighters" ALWAYS hold it in reverse and that U can tell he is skilled by his way of holding the blade.

    Kind Regards
    Civilian, Security, Police & Military

  27. "Power" isn't a concern with knives against bare flesh and ordinary clothing; that's why they're dangerous. Don't tell people they won't get seriously cut by a knife held in an orthodox grip.

  28. im seventeen and very intersted in blades. my father got me my first knife at nine. does anyone know any good training sources or have any tips. im considering a teacher but i dont really have the time or resources. thank you.

  29. this is absolutely worthless. You should never face someone with a knife. Do you know how fast someone can come at you with a knife. And in most cases its going to be unexpected or from behind, and all they have to do is touch you with it. Steel > Skin

  30. yes! there is no power in a thumb to hilt grip! Soooo… That being said, all butchers, samurai, fencers, sabor fighters…. are wrong. Also learned that a ape style pinky to hilt grip means>>>>> your more skilled! who knew?!?!

  31. If the opponent has a knife in the underhand grip, I'd keep distance. Kick the knees and immediately take distance again. Moving in is a bad idea because often the attacks are too fast and too strange to see through.

  32. True, but sometimes you don't have a choice. And it's possible to get out of a knife attack with just a few cuts on your arms and hands. But then the attacker mustn't have been very skilled…

  33. @Edwinteror
    running is the best thing you can do! No matter what anyone else says! The attacker won't stop his actions so that you can "kung fu" him! Just run like hell. Being a hero won't stop you from bleeding to death!

  34. this is my brothers account so dont comment here for my sake

    i do a mix of Tai Chi Pa-Qua and Xing-Yi i know better knife defence a red sash taught me this first the knife opponent is performing a over arm slashing move keep your back straight and go for the knee from an angle this kick is called knee level side kick also the best counter block the knife at the same time smash his bicep with a fist then smash the tricep with your forearm this disables the opponent and finishes the situation

  35. @HighWay93 There is no best way… Ice pick hold gives you power at the expense of distance. Standard hold gives you distance at the expense of power. Being able to switch, depending on situation is perhaps best.

  36. there is no way you can pull off those moves against a dude with a knife, if a dude with a knife wanna hurt you.. he will, and I promise you he'll stab you in your arms until you can't use em anymore, if you meat a guy with a knife threating you, just run and scream.. is it gay ? I'm rather a pussy then having myself killed for I thought I could actually just block and strike a dude with a knife.. run lads, run

  37. @Edwinteror
    well if running was so very much possible then there was no need of any kung-fu or martial art dear. and ofcourse there would never have been a fight . the attcker would chase and the victim would run. wow! dont mind. 🙂

  38. @Anandfulness First, 99.999% of knife defence "Stuff" will get you killed (this especially). Second, try an HONEST experiment. Stand 10 feet from a friend with a rubber knife. The instructions to the knife guy is: GET HIM! That is all, that is it. He wants to hurt you (a "real" attitude). Now, from 10 feet, TRY to run away. If the guy wants to get you, you have no chance. Infact, by the time you turned around, you would be dead, IF HE WANTS TO HURT YOU!

  39. @Anandfulness That was a quick real life experiment! No i am not incorrect. At 10 feet, which is generous in a "real" situation, by the time you turn, you would have a knife in your back, if it is a REAL threat! You are very young in your knowledge on self defence, from what you put up. While attack/defend at same time is a nice idea, I wonder about your source. I first thought we shared a common style, but I doubt it now. Leave technique in the trash.

  40. @Anandfulness THere is a discussion when you talk about that which you dont know. Do the experiment, then tell me. The "safe" distance, btw, is 25 feet (done by a few hundred people over decades). Telling someone to RUN is akin to knifing them yourself.

  41. @Anandfulness Dude, i NEVER said that defending yourself was wrong! I said that telling someone to RUN was NOT SMART! Read what I wrote again (all of it) and you will see that I never said that defending yourself was stupid. Infact, the reason I said that I thought we shared a similar teacher/style is because we have the SAME idea about defence! It is YOU who read something that I wasn't saying! I was ONLY talking about your RUN advice, nothing else! Please learn to read what is wrote.

  42. Well I am a trained well rounded knife fighter and what I can say is: Whats shown here has a concept. But what I don´t like is the thing about holding a knife. The fact of speed isn´t mentioned here. With a knife upwards I maybe cant stab directly (why not? Don´t think he wouldbe able to block a stab like that), but I am much faster than blade downwards. Especially with blade upwards stabs can be mixed with all non-weapon techniques, which makes it more difficult to react well.

  43. Well what about the standard grip and slicing, everyone seems to think that if you hold the knife in a standard grip you can only poke with it? try a full power slice as if it was a sword, that happens to!

  44. @jonboy1028
    Uhhm, maybe my english was too bad. But that was what I was trying to explain:
    I think the fact of full speed was not shown here. Knife Attackers always go with full force and full speed.
    And I don´t learn by theorists, I learn by practicing every day. I just wanted to say, that I don´t think whats shown here would work on the street. I made the experience, that I just can Block/Hit simultane and run. (Like Bursting in Krav Maga, but you must be very skillfull to do so)

  45. @Colimarche thats so true, if you dont use a reverse grip your blade dont have much power ?
    a blade dont need big power to cut your flesh, this "teacher" should go to jail he send his students into big trouble,including death !!!


    For starters, arteries are more relevant than veins.
    "Power" is irrelevant with a knife.
    Ignore anything from expertvillage. Their cookery shows are equally bad.

  48. You're probably a kid or very stupid, ofcourse no one will attack slow duh?! it's the essence to train slow and work your way to full speed. Like many people say: When fighting against a knife you're most likely to get cut it's up to your training to try and keep it non-lethal.

  49. Ignorance….Main arteries and veins are, like he said on the inside of your arms, so i don't see what he's doing wrong. – power is irrelevant – There's a huge diffrence if he's just scraping your skin or penetrating your left/right lung.

  50. I've had both radial arteries removes and have 30 years ecperience teaching just about every kind of Martial Art you have never heard of, so hush!

  51. every time and i say, EVERY TIME i comment on a martial art video i get a response from a guy who ALWAYS studied martial arts at least 20 years, 30 is kinda overrated these days and i've also had a guy who trained 50 years,can you imagine? so he was at least over 61 and knew exacly how to use a computer! so excuse me when i say i don't people on internet. I mean at least try to convince me by writing down those martial arts i " haven't heard of " instead assuming that i don't know shit.

  52. Then you have found the solution to your own problem.
    You must be consistent in talking shit if it's not just me saying so.
    People who DO know better, don't like seeing bullshit, that will get people killed, being taught by morons with no relevant experience, nor an ounce of brain matter!

  53. You project your own issues when you resort to calling people retards, lacking the eloquence to enter reasoned debate.

  54. Hush child, having looked at your comment trails here, you consistenly display childish arrogance and have a potty mouth.
    If you bothered to read, you'd already know I have no radial arteries.
    I've had open heart surgery and a femoral artery graft as well as four sets of Angioplasty.

  55. Put that on top of 30 years MA including far more CMA than you will every train, teaching people like bodyguards, security consultants and israeli trained weapons strategy operators their jobs, I can at least know I know the difference between an artery & a vein, which you canntot.

  56. The grip has nothing to do with determining the skill of the knife wielder. Grip is based upon strategy, primarily whether your opponent has a weapon or is empty-hands. 

  57. I tried this in the hood and now im eating chicken through a straw and occationally drink my tears when im thirsty because muy wife left me and joined the gang that jumped me

  58. I will pay for you to come down to my school and try that s*** I will give you gas money and pay you for your time because that ship will get you killed with somebody who knows how to train with a knife

  59. but once again the way that your training Partners hold the knife to a real person who trains with a knife that's the wrong way to hold a knife I lose distance to be a knife fighter you are a distance fighter remember your blade is always sharp razor sharp oh yeah in a real knife fight it won't be able to see that night and how he's holding that knife you don't have that luxury quit teaching b*****

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