Kung Fu Knife Defense Techniques : Kung Fu Downward Knife Slash Defense

Hi my name is Dan Schmidt from the Chinese
Martial Arts Center in Seminole and today in this clip we are going to be showing you
proper self defense against downward knife slash. So if you see somebody is about to
stab you overhead, don’t stand still and try to block too close to the body. The best thing
to try to do is get low and block up as high as you can. From here you are going to grab,
step behind as you bend the arm, put your hand on the back of their elbow and using
the wrist and your hand on the elbow, pull straight down this way. This will pop the
shoulder out of joint so they stab in, block up, get close, you want to grab, start bending
as you step all the way behind it as much as you can. So leg behind their leg, pull
straight down on the wrist and back. One more time, you see him coming overhead, drop, block
right on the wrist, grab, bend, step behind, pull straight down. So once more, they stab,
block, grab and press. That is self defense against a downward knife stab.

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  1. Interesting way to do it, but personally I would say moving out of the way is first and blocking is secondary. You may not always be able to block it, but if you are not there to get attacked you will never get cut/stabbed. What they are showing is very linear, about about re-addressing so the knife isn't dropping down on to the mas of your body.

  2. I agree. moving out of the way is another very viable alternative. But as everything else there's more than one way to do it; this method works too. Can check out Aikido self defence techniques; they're much more "circular".

    in any way this lock is very similar to aikido's first (i think) lock anyway.

  3. yea..that looks great in that setting but how about when you got someone whos all over the place using stabbing and slashing motions? Try to grab their arm…they can always rotate the wrist and stab your arm with the tip of the knife. 9mm, baseball bat, belt, or rock works better.

  4. What's lacking, is that you ask the attacker to adhere to the basic knife attacks and not change it up midway or anything. If the attacker is honorable, he will adhere to this and not tricky about it. Otherwise, perfect defense.

    Really though, first thing to do is circle toward the arm without the knife and try and pull it forward, then general trapping techniques, so if you get cut, like you're probably gonna, it's not serious.
    I'm just worried about guys that aren't cool about stabbing you.

  5. This knife stuff is embarrassingly bad. Search for Vunak, Vasiliev, Prasetya, Inosanto, Ray Dionaldo, Kuntao, Silat, etc. This Kung Fu knife stuff is theatrical crap and only works against compliant, overly commited and unskilled knife attackers. Better to run, but if you have to stand, better to have studied knife with someone who's cut and been cut MANY times in a real knife fight, and whose life is their credentials. These guys are McDojo tigers; sorry to be blunt, but this is life or death.

  6. I woudn´t try this move in realive…

    Bullshit Kung Fu Shit… if you are looking for defense against weapons train Krav Maga or run as fast as you fucking can!

    lol… i my self am a pretty good runner ^^
    doing Judo and Boxing, but when i see a knife: "fuck it i am out of here!"

    so don´t get your self full of bullshit this stuff doesn´t work. I hope nobody gets injured because of trying this shit in reallife.

    Get real, try the real stuff!

  7. Ha ha! I like how he doesn't even bother showing it full-speed. As if the knife attacker is going to keep his hand there stalled in mid air after the block, waiting for whatever shitty takedown the kung fu guy has planned. THIS SHIT DOES NOT WORK.

  8. I have to agree with a lot of the other posts. It seems unrealistic, I would rather use both hands over head, crossed at the wrists and move to the outside of the attacker.

  9. You know what i mean… give me a knife and piss me off big time, i garantue you will run!

    But yes, there may be situations where you have to fight, because you can´t run or somebody else is in danger.

    My Tip, use the envoirment! My friend got attacked by a Nazi with a broken Bottle, he defended himself with a Trashcan. He blocked the bottle with it and than hit the Bastard in the head with the can.
    So look out for Stuff you can use!

  10. that move is nor originally kung fu. kung fu is, in all aspects, shit. That technique originally belongs to Aikido. Yes, certain styles of kung fu have been around for thousands of years, but none of them harbored such a technique.

  11. krav maga is gay and less respectable then kung fu. at least kung fu has it's sets of disciplines where as krav maga is simply well… simple. If you can kick a guy in the nuts, you already know krav maga.

  12. Kung Fu or "Gung Fu" is considered the grandfather to Martial Arts. So I have no idea what the hell you're on about, Esophagus1.

  13. why would you demonstrate with a real weapon lol. This is a jacked up version of what I learned. There are two variations depending on the placement of your block. First stop the momentum using your forearms. Then you can just grab the pressure points in the wrist and turn his hand the way it ain't spose to and punch XD. Unless you practice often.. I recommend just jumping back >.> run towards a gun run from a knife.

  14. actually have your friend hold your arm up with one hand when its raised in the air i guarantee no matter what you do with your strength you wont be able to get your arm down.

  15. 1. dont be there.
    2. if 1 doesnt work use your closest strongest weapon first, sweep the front foot of the attacker, or kick him in the knee to take his momentum away (as you are moving in…) control his knife hand with your left hand and gouge out his eyes or elbow him in the face with your left(repeatedly until he goes down, then kick him until he doesnt get up)
    Of course that would probably be my way of expressing myself.. yours may be different.

  16. ..this is bullshit. If you are getting attacked by a knife, separate yourself as much as possible from the attacker.

  17. You Guys Are idiots Stop Acting Like Your Only Going To Get Stabbed In The Stomache. This Looks Nice For Self Defense But i Dont Kno it Looks Painful Like Ud Break The Otha Persons Arm.

  18. lol isnt it better to dodge cause if your block misses your dead… the best way is to dodge >run > get some help

  19. No offence to kung fu but thats a pretty shocking technique, you could easily wind up dead trying to use that. Besides who would actually attack with a knife like that?

  20. your more likely to succeed blocking then succeed dodging and you are left with control of the weapon, if you dont dodge in time you are just as dead

  21. Its actually usually better to attack, their attack. With knives its EXTREMLY easy to recover from an slash/stab, and reverse the motion. Mentallity wise, the attacker usually doesn't expect you to go at them like this. This can give you a slight but good enough edge to survive. Though escaping is the best option. These techniques are for when you have no time to escape or are cornered.

  22. for what it is its ok, but i stand by the best defence aginst almost any attack. move out of the way and step on there knee, if you hear a loud pop followed by a lager scream, you know you just broke there leg, and they wont be chasing after you any time soon

  23. nobody attacks like that…that is why bruce lee is the only one..becoz he actually did what really works..not all that show crap

  24. Kung fu is an art that atke years to learn so this move work but u have to do it fast or he will probably hook u or fall before u can dislocate the arm

  25. this has to be real quick and this is not recommended for beginners and people who are learning merely from videos.

    this type of techniques needs lots and lots of practice.

  26. LOL, ok , the thing about kung fu is … there are Awesome, killer shit you can do , BUT , it takes years of serious traing and dedication to pull some of that shit off in a fight. So unless you plan on practicing the shit out of this move , it is , of no use.

  27. that shit is not aikido man, aikido is similar but not the same, i should know i've been going to classes for eva

  28. nono no, firstly, step off target, don't just get lower, idiot. If steping to the outside, don't catch it but move your hand with it, one hand on (not gripping) the forearm, the other on the tricep. Move the tricep oneover and into the elbow, place right hand on wrist, figure four wrist lock as you walk behind them. Make them drop the knife, and if possible run away. No-one would ever attack like that though.

  29. This is fine if in the moment of panic I can think to perform this move. However I think my instinct will be to get out of the way. But if I see someone even WITH a knife, coming my direction, I'm going to pick up something weapon-like and do my best to destroy them before they get to me.

  30. Yes this admittedly assumes the nanosecond of reaction time. All I need to see is the glimmer of a knife blade and I'm going to look immediately around me for something to use as a weapon, probably while heading away from the person.

  31. From a Chinese martial arts background I hate to say this.. these vids on knife defence techniques are frankly unrealistic and suicidal.

    Also, untrue are the claims like 'this move will pop the shoulder out of joint' and 'this move will break the wrist' on another video. Both of these are extremely difficult to achieve with arm locks, especially while defending against a knife.

  32. Thanks for opinion. My knowledge comes from study and teaching of anatomy as well as practice of trauma surgery and emergency medicine. This includes having fixed numerous dislocated and fractured joints. And seeing how they can be caused.

  33. Continued…

    You don't have to believe everything you are taught or everything shown on youtube videos. Videos like this are frankly misleading and dangerous to the naive. They make other martial artists laugh at kung fu.

    Thanks for reminding me that kung fu takes years to learn. And use of profanities in your comment are not necessary to make your point. Try being more civil.

  34. nice technique, but it only works for amateur muggers. He can turn around and punch your kidney. The better way is to grab it and before he can react move your hand sideways to do a sideways karate chop to the neck. I don't know the name of this strike. Then, pull the knife out of his now limp hand and stab him.

  35. These techniques are useless, too many steps, no one besides attacking those who know how to use a knife attack in a quick and unexpected …

  36. you can't block like that… forget the miss chance because we should assume that you know what you're doing if you're up against a knife. still you really can't block like that! what happens if the other guy is stronger?? this is NOT kung fu. the final lock is kung fu but that's not the way to make it happen

  37. he doesn't have to be as strong as your whole body. if he is strong enough he will bend your hand and you will get a bad piercing. plus if he knows how to fight he too will be using his whole body in the strike

  38. we *are* talking about the technique which is really REALLY bad. the technique of DEFENDING against a knife attack. you can't be serious to assume for *any* technique that the opponent doesn't know what he is doing or that he is doing something wrong.

  39. I dont want to be rude Sir, it seems your enthusiastic about knife work and that's cool, But Recommending this might get some one hurt. Slim chance I know but still.

    Have you ever pressure tested this?

    Thousands of people have experienced that grabbing a wrist is hard, especialy upside down, and with a knife involved…

    It just doesen't seem responsable

  40. actually traditional systems only deal with real fighting applications the serious misconception is that there are many people who claim to know traditional systems and they don't. all i can say is that when you block an attack like that it only works if you are stronger than the opponent which is entirely up to luck! in kung fu technique should defeat your opponent's strength

  41. you are absolutely ignorant on traditional systems. it is not your fault but the so called instructors who are fake and keep growing in numbers. traditional systems were made for life and death situations there are no symbolic moves or techniques made for controlled enviroments. check my fav videos and you'll see what i'm talking about

  42. in a real life situation, when u try to block that arm with the knife, most likely ur gonna land ur hand into that knife. lol. this technique sucks

  43. Yeah… try that in a real situation and you'll find out what a six inch blade feels like as it's shoved into your body… This is not a safe "defense" technique. I strongly recommend you check out Haganah.

  44. This stuff works for people who are muscle bound stud warriors but I promise you, no one just gives you their arm and lets you twist it, especially in a life struggle. If there is a knife in their hand and you try to subdue them then, chances are, you will be cut when they pull away. The second you are lacerated you will lose concentration on the next move and become a shiskabob. If you get a knife pulled on you, throw your wallet and run, shoot, or grab a narly stick and beat their head in.

  45. It's obviously not a "real" knife, it's a metal trainer, either aluminum or cheap steel. It's funny that a guy calling himself SelfDefenceExpert can't recognize this. But yeah, I agree with you that it's a stupid defence.

  46. I dont want to sound like negitive nancy to this guy, and weather it works or not I wont say but I will say is that it's a bit risky to lower your body, giving him more time to be in a more powerful and stable position, and perform any block with one hand like he does. Everyone and style has their own method and I am sure most may work but I was always trained to either make sure your on the outside of that strike as it comes down and let it go by in some form, or use an "X" block w/ both hands

  47. with a real blade or practice, do not meet force-to-force, redirect the weapon with wrist or arm control. Opponent with a knife can change direction easily!

  48. @Photographeur Or use one form of block of the armed hand which can actually work: The bursting from Krav Maga.

  49. @SuperSayjinElite No, it wouldn't, unless you like being foot swept. Plus, there is no way you would get wrist control in this manner, during live wrestling.

  50. in aikido we have almost the same, but instead of taking the shoulder, you take the wrist. its called Shio Nage from Shomen Uchi 😛

  51. @DragonZord90 It seems to me, that you have little or no experience with self defence. I suggest you go take some different classes. I would advise some krav maga.
    You don't have to try the "technique" shown in the clip to know it will never work. First of all, you are likely to miss your block, since you aim for the attackers arm and only block with your hand. Secondly, if you manage to get it right, you will probably break your wrist on a power full 100% attack. Then you die.

  52. @DragonZord90 I never said traditional martial arts suck – your assertion. I know where Krav maga comes from, and I know that it's a system composed by techniques that work and have been tested in real situations. It doesn't matter if you call it karate or something else if it works, which the shown technique never will.
    There is no reason in training a technique, which is flawed and will get you hurt. Problem is, that you have confidence and will act on a false basis with this.

  53. @DragonZord90 How can it bee good if the most important thing in the technique is flawed? Would you consider buying a car with no motor or wheels?

  54. @DragonZord90 You couldn't be more wrong. But frankly I'm getting tired of discussing it. I'm wondering why you are so keen to defend this crappy "technique". Is he your "master" or something? Are you the developer of this defence system or what?

  55. @fishguru73 Having been in a personal tussle with both a bigger person with a weapon, I would say that this video does have it's good points. One, getting low and extending is a good point. The rest, no. The person with the sharp weapon wields with less exertion than the person without. You want to be on the outside of the knife, so side step with the opposite hand and windmill their arm and then when your are sure their arm is close to being pinned to them, use a two on one take their hips.

  56. I am an experienced knife fighter and I know that this won´t work because of some elementary facts:
    First: If you want to stop a downward thrust you have to use your whole forearm or you won´t stop it that easy.
    Second: 0:25 There is no reason why your enemy would let you snap his elbow joint when stabbing with power.
    Third: 0:20 This SEEMS to work, because he doesn´t stab him. Watch closely he stops his motion AND he doesn´t really stab to the defenders direction.

  57. @DerSpartaner I just thought of that. You can't just stop his motion with a block, cause he's coming at you full force.

    Therefore, I figure a good defence against this would be to go with the motion, rather than against. As he stabs, stay low and move to the side. As he stabs, grab the top of his hand and continue using his motion against him, so you stab him in the leg. Of course, you have to be lightning quick doing this and extremely experienced to. How's that sound?

  58. None of this kung fu techniques will work against a real knife attack… LEO and Military trainers know FMA's the real deal in knife attack and defense…. Even the overhead knife attack in this video is a joke.

  59. But the person who is gonna hurt you doesnt know that you are gonna protect yourself, they are not prepared so they are not tense and its easy to do it.

  60. I can see that you never encountered a real situation… Please dont try that when someone really wants to stab you or the only thing you will succeed in doing is getting slashed or stabbed…

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