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This is a review of Karate Kid Kung Fu Kid on the Sega Master System I never owned a Sega Master System as a kid. I didn’t even know it existed until the
early 2000’s so I’m pretty excited to see what it has to offer. This is one of the first times I’m playing
a Master System game at all. Kung Fu Kid is actually a sequel to a game
for the SG-1000, Sega’s first console that no one bought, called Dragon Wang. (lol wang) Dick jokes aside; Kung Fu Kid is a sidescrolling
beat em up where your character, Wang (Wang!), must confront the “unnatural evil one”,
Madanda after 7 rounds. 7 round of what? ??? That’s…that’s all I got. Not a whole lot of story going on here. I would say look at the box art to get a general
idea, but this is it. Really, Sega, I know 1987 wasn’t a big year
for anime in the West, but this looks so much more appealing than this! Like I said, I don’t have much…any…experience
with the Master System so I can’t say if this game looks particularly better or worse
than average, but the sprites are large and colorful so no problems there The music sounds exactly how you’d imagine
it would sound in a game called Kung Fu Kid. This game doesn’t exactly play like a traditional
beat em up. The enemies do not stop coming and the console
handles the amount of sprites fairly well. You do see some tearing, but not a whole lot
of slowdown. Wang (Wang!) must have only made it hallway
through Kung Fu school because he doesn’t use his hands AT ALL. He just goes around kicking the shit out of
everything and everyone like Chuck Norris with restless leg syndrome. Starting out, there are these little bouncing
enemies and uh…sentient baseball gloves. The second level has more traditional-looking
straw-hatted samurai and lobsters….. These tiny enemies actually occur throughout
the game and can be kicked across the screen, taking out any enemies in their path. Thank you, friendly crustacean. So far, the game has been VERY easy. All the enemies go down in one kick, so as
long as you’re paying attention, you’re fine Things start ramping up on the third level
with these little kids that shoot you and take two hits to kill. The lobsters are replaced with frogs, so that’s
a thing…. Wait a minute. Did I just wall jump? This game has wall jumping? In 1987?! I didn’t know about wall jumping until I
saw Vega do it in Street Fighter 2! I can’t wait to see how this will be implemented
into the level design! I was wrong. It’s a maze. With zombies that don’t die accompanied
by the little shooter boys. Well, at least I have this! Oh yea I forgot to mention, you can pick up
projectile power ups by killing the lobsters and frogs. This helps so much when you’re being overrun,
but it didn’t work so much for me on the bosses. Speaking of bosses, we have straight up Buddha, Chinese lady ghost A goddamn frog Cirqu du Stereotypes Zombie Master Mei Chang Chun Li Sword-wielding Frankenstein Master Roshi And motherfucking Lo Pan That might sounds like a pretty long game,
but half of those make up a boss rush in level 6. As long as you just constantly jump kick,
they’re not very challenging. So you made it to the 7th round. You’ll have to muster all your courage,
strength and reflexes to complete Madara’s final challenge. Or just throw projectiles at everything. You make it to the end of Snake Way where
Madonna awaits to… grab your balls When you do beat the Mandarin, he floats away,
the sky clears up aaaaaaaaand Freeze Frame! Thanks for watching. What console should I play next time? Let me know in the comments. If you liked this video, let us know by hitting
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  1. This was easily one of my favorite games when I was younger. The wall jumping and timing head kicks was half the fun. Also boss fights were fun. Review another of my fave master system games Golden Axe Warrior

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