Kung Fu Kicking Tips : Kung Fu Tornado Kick

Hi, my name is Dan Schmidt from the Chinese
Martial Arts Center. And in this clip, we’re going to be showing you how to perform the
Tornado Kick. Okay, so this kick involves a couple different actions. Okay, there’s
the stepping, the jumping and then there’s obviously the kicking action. Okay, so the
stepping action, you want to start about shoulder width apart, okay, you want to step out with
your front leg, starting to move forward. Okay, now after that, you want to start to
use your back leg and your arms at the same time, swing over, then you’re going to be
picking up your leg. So the full kick looks like this. So you step out, swing, jump, kick.
Okay. So again, you’re here, you step, swing the arms over, pick up the leg, then the final
action, the kick. So the leg comes straight up while you’re in the air, and hit the hand.
Okay, so once again, full speed. Okay. If you notice, you want to hit the hand with
the bottom of the foot, this way. Okay, you want to hit right in the middle of the foot.
Okay, so when you step, you turn, pick up the leg, and before this leg hits the ground,
you want to execute the kick. So once again at full speed. So you step, jump, twist, kick.
That’s the proper way to execute the Tornado Kick.

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  1. Karate sucks its the worst type of martial arts im not saying i could beat a karate master cuz im not starting my Shaolin Kung Fu classes yet.

  2. you don't need to take a step so that you perform a tornado kick if you know how to do it. this is not even close to what it should look like

  3. Hate to say it but, some styles of Kung Fu, particularly "Wu Chu' are about showing off, rather than defense. Most of these moves, you would never have the chance to execute in a real street fight.

  4. There are many variations of the tornado kick. This one is probably the most exagerated.
    You can take the step without the arms, or not even take the step. Just lead with the rear leg for the momentum.
    My personal fav variant is when you lead with a roundhouse, if the opponent retreats, I continue with the momentum of the strike and follow with the tornado kick.
    It's worked well for me, but does require a good set up and timing.

  5. We have a version of a Tornado Kick in Capoeira, we call it Armada com Martelo. The difference is that an Amada com Martelo makes the starting spin sideways instead of foreward, and the actual kick isn't a Crescent Kick, but a Roundhouse. Also, there's no running into it, you just spin sideways in the direction of the rear leg.

  6. i practice shaolin gung fu and thats or tornado kick thats what we call it, differant systems differant names

  7. no i think with a 540 kick you land on your kicking/jumping leg he keeps the other leg on the ground.

  8. no no, this isnt proper tornado kick, your kicking leg should be back on the ground earlier than the other one, and btw these kung fu "teachers" are more than that kung fu beginners..

  9. if u search kung fu in wiki… kung fu is basically every single martial art so u can call any martial art kung fu

  10. Actually Kung Fu means not only martial arts but its everything, its a being master in something like having kung fu in drinking so it means you r master in drinking 😛 xD

  11. Yeah kinda but not really. Kung-Fu actually means (that thing that you enjoy doing alot) almost even more like a hobby. It's just expected that doing it alot will increase skill. So if someone works on cars alot just for fun then that's his/her kung-fu. If someone builds wooden furnature alot because he enjoys it, that's his/her kung fu. If someone practices Wushu all day long, then that is that persons kung-fu.

  12. yes i agree the martial arts start in china the chuan ho or righteous fist they use it againts their invaders they are so breve people

  13. full speed? mwahhaha pathetic…. tornado is supose to be all about speed and power you just made that kick look like you cant do much damage with it…

  14. just enough power to lift off the ground, enough speed to twist around and move forward. hit the hand so you know exactly where the foot is. good execution

  15. in tornado kick u can eather land in horse riding stance (the way he was landing) or with the leg u were kicking with, it doesnt really matter. i'd rather do it the way the guy showed in the video cuz it puts both my feet on the ground faster so i can hit the guy again. but thats just me =D

  16. Root of the martial arts were from the southern monks of China. The shaolin monastry got burnt down as the emperor at that time were afraid that the monks will become too strong and attack him. Nowadays, all you see is the one that came in second, the nothern monks from China.

  17. @jpark1221 Taekwondo is dumbed down Shotokan and Shotokan is dumbed down Karate.
    Some might argue that Karate is dumbed down Kung Fu, but then, you need to understand what 'Kung Fu' actually means, as it is not a style.
    Do your homework before mouthing off.

  18. thats not the proper way i take kung fu and we dont take that big step at the beginning just do the last part

  19. Make sure you hit your hand so it makes a loud noise or it might not work!!!! Your gonna wanna make it as loud as possible or the person your trying to use it on might kick your ass for looking so fucking stupid!!!!!!

  20. @JDsXminiXme haha..yeah "Universal pictures"…very flashy, not good for much else…except if you can't find the light switch and you really need the light off. :/

  21. This kick is not used in Kung Fu as a direct assault. If you were to use it as such, you would easily be floored by your opponent. This kick is commonly used to drive away the opponent when they are on the back-foot. Less commonly, it is used when the opponent has passed you, and has their back turned. For instance, if someone charged you and you just stepped to the side, you could use this to kick their back or their neck.
    It's certainly more flash than kick, but it isn't useless 🙂

  22. @GeeeRiff Yes actually it is. I practice Liu He Men style Kung Fu and we do these kinds of kicking techniques, including this one right here for warm up. Next time try not to assume, and actually do some research.

  23. @SushiSkatesOki

    Kung Fu isn't a style, it roughly translates to hard work so technically all styles could be considered kung fu, it's just a generalization term just like the english and common term martial arts.

  24. @raduz123 Well I hope your martial arts isn't as bad as your history then. Karate has it's roots in chinese martial arts aka kung fu which can be traced even further back to India.

  25. no karate is from china traveled to okinawa all the way to japan karate mean…….. chinese hand to empty hand

  26. @MSeoRoblox are you practicing wu shu??
    i am practicing eagle claw and i have done this kick they do it right also they kick in front you must do it to understand

  27. instead of executing with a crescent like kick you could modify it to a roundhouse kick, which would significantly increase the power of the kick

  28. i say this would hurt if it was a more heavier guy doing this kick. but a good follow up kick is the spinning hook kick

  29. Why do you hit your hand ?? No to insult, just really would like to know the reason..Full respect for differences of styles.. Thank you for answering

  30. this is the basic of the tornado kick you must land whit two foots on the ground of whit your kicking foot its easy to do spin a little bit faster and jump higher than you do it 😉

  31. "The oldest work of art depicting scenes of battle, dating back 3400 BC,[1] was the Ancient Egyptian paintings showing some form of struggle.[2] Dating back to 3000 BC in Mesopotamia (Babylon), reliefs and the poems depicting struggle were found.[2] In Vietnam, drawings and sketches from 2879 BC describe certain ways of combat using sword, stick, bow, and spears.[2][better source needed]" – excerpt from wiki page "History of martial arts"


  32. I've done this in kung fu. I suck at it. Apparently it is meant to hit a target behind you. I have trouble actually jumping

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