Kung Fu Kicking Tips : Kung Fu Crossover Round Kick

Hi, my name is Dan Schmidt from the Chinese
Martial Arts Center. And today, we’re going to be showing you the proper way to show a
Cross Over Round Kick. Okay, so from a fighting position, okay, you want to take your back
leg, crossover in front of the front leg, you’re going to pick up your leg, okay, have
the toes pointed down, kick straight out and the back down. Okay, so again, so you’re here,
you’re going to crossover with the rear leg, pick up the leg, toes facing down, slap the
foot out, back and down. So you’re here, cross, kick, straight down. Okay, so from this angle,
so he steps over, okay, now if you notice the body, you want to keep it straight up
and down, you can twist slightly, you don’t want to stay squared, you don’t want to be
a target. Okay, you pick up the leg, point the toes and slap out, then down. Okay, so
with this kick, you’re kicking with the top of the foot of the shoelace area. This kick
is good as an attack or as a defense. Okay. So, as a defense, you can use it, if he tries
around, kick me in the head, see I crossover, I kick him at the same time. Okay. Or I can
use it as an attack, and I can kick lower. Okay, so I could fake out high, so here and
then kick low or to the groin. Okay, also, you can kick to the middle, same thing. Okay,
he punches, cross, kick straight to the middle. That’s the proper way to perform a Cross Over
Round Kick.

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  1. @ninja7101 noo….You need chinese or japanese teaching method. Not a chinese or japanese teacher. We're all the same underneath right?
    I learnt from my Dad "Turkish" and he learnt from a Shaolin monk and one of the first school set up in Australia…
    Doesn't discredit what I know because he isn't from the orient…..

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