Kung Fu Kicking Techniques : Kung Fu Slide Up Round Kick

Hello, I’m Sifu Mallon with the Clearwater
Kung Fu Center. This is Kung Fu for Health. We’re going to be working on a kick called
Slide Up Round Kick. The Slide Up Round Kick is performed from our fighting stance. Again,
the both feet going the same general direction. Your knees are bent. Your body is loose. The
slide up is where your rear foot comes up to your front foot, turning back, bending
the knee, letting the weight shift. As I shift the weight, I don’t want to allow my shoulders
to cock back, and lean my head. I want to try to keep my shoulders pretty plain and
level. I’m going to lift my right knee up. As my knee lifts, my foot tucks toward my
butt. I’m trying to keep my knee in line with the target, and then I’m going to straighten
the right leg, and left leg, same time. Extend, bring the leg back. Step down and back. Again
one more time, slow for you. I slide up. Bend the knee. Shift the weight. Lift the knee,
pulling your right foot toward your butt. Lift, as I extend both legs. Extend and reach.
Bring down, and back, normal speed.
You can use your right arm as a counterbalance, to help you with your stability. Meaning as
the leg goes, the right arm can pull back. This is how we perform Round Kick, Kung Fu
for Health.

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