Kung Fu Kicking Techniques : Kung Fu Rear Leg Round Kick

Hello, I’m Sifu Mallon with the Clearwater
Kung Fu Center. This is Kung Fu for health. We’re going to be performing a moving kick.
This is called a rear leg round kick. To perform the kick breaking it down for you nice and
slow. You start from a fighting stance. Again, our knees are bent, both feet same general
direction, body nice and loose. You want to make sure when you’re kicking that you don’t
over tense your shoulders or body. You want to stay loose and fluid. The first movement
is my right foot is going to step slightly to the side, bending the knee, making sure
that my knee is right over my ankle. I’m going to generate the forest pulling my left hip
forward. As I do my left knee is going to bend. My foot comes toward my butt. Fire the
round kick off, step down and put forward. OK. Doing the kick on the opposite side for
you to see the other angle. I turn my left foot out, bend the knee. My hip and shoulder
lead the action letting my foot trail behind. I throw the kick, put the foot down and land.
Throwing the kick at normal speed.
Now since you’re using your rear leg, this makes the round kick extremely powerful and
strong. You’ll see some people throw the kick and they’ll follow through with a spinning.
This is OK if no one is in front of you, because once you turn your back you expose yourself
to the opponent. So, you want to make sure as you’re throwing the kick, you’re able to
control yourself and reset. This is how we perform rear leg round kick, Kung Fu for health.

34 thoughts on “Kung Fu Kicking Techniques : Kung Fu Rear Leg Round Kick

  1. Chuck Norris is too old for that shit people just SHUT UP. That kick is nice they could show some combos with that kick

  2. cool, I do tang soo do, the kick is almost the same except you angle your foot as you chamber the other. its faster but not as mutch power. we'd use it b4 we came in with something like a hook kick

  3. Well… not so much. To perform a powerful kick you have to use your hip, twist it first, not by straightening your knee like this guy. Always kick with a slightly bent knee whether it's a low, medium or high kick.
    And another thing, if this was his normal speed I recommend never use this kick in a real fight against someone who knows what he is doing, cause it will hurt.

  4. Why does everyone on youtube only ever leave comments on fight videos saying "OMG this guy's a total amateur". Truth is this kick, at that speed would work when you're surprising the guy at the other end, and that's the only time you should be kicking so no problem on the speed. Surely if you intentionally bent your leg on impact you would find it tricky to retain your balance if you were to miss the target?

  5. I didn't say that this guy were an amateur. I got my share of kicks in the head and only those powerful ones introduced me to a floor, rest did not. Swinging your knee will hurt only your knee, that's what I was thought.
    There is a point in ones skills from which only high speed kicks are the ones surprising 🙂 I got scolded many many times for kicking like this and it took me many weeks to perfect the the right way 🙂

  6. hey i agree with u. i learn kung fu too and yea… in real life fights, the speed of that kick is way too slow…

  7. first of all…in a fight moving ur leg out sideways is an stupid mistake cause if you put it a little to far they can kick inward in the knee so you better do t hella fast or ur dead

  8. Sorry, I don't get it… what do you mean by "telegraph"

    I almost always follow up my roundhouse with a heel/hook kick.

  9. In kung fu, they teach you to bring the arm/leg back in faster than you sent it out. It not only protects you but also causes more damage. Like when you roll up a wet towel and whip someone.

  10. did u get kick'd by some none good kick? ill tell u what, i kick like that touch the side of ur face good, and ull fall down on the ground without remembering what happend. go see some ufc fight, some of these MMa fighter Use these kick to knock ppl out, as exemple CROCOP.

  11. I have to agree with this guy. learning the style as an art is great but in a real fight (and I claim to be no better) against someone else trainied in anything will see it coming or atleast be able to out up a defense. just my 2 cents and it's not worth much I know.

  12. You can also continue spinning if someone is in front of you to generate power to a back kick…
    Its ok to turn your back to the opponent if your not a complete newbie 😀

  13. Tell anyone in K1 they're wrong when they rotate 360. As Bruce Lee would say, nice dry land swimming here. Of course someone can counter it if executed improperly, but anything can be countered. If we limited ourselves to an offense that can't be countered, we'd be doing no offense at all.

    The key to a full spinning roundhouse is if you see them move back early, abort rotation. If they dodge back last second, no way they can dart back in to counter. If you hit hard, they should fold.

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