Hello, I’m Sifu Mallon with the Clearwater
Kung Fu Center. This is Kung Fu for Health. We’re going to be performing a basic kick
today. This is called our Outside Crescent Kick. This kick is done stationary or walking,
today we’re going to merely focus on the stationary position. The hands are going to place out
to the side. For beginning, right, you can place your hands more toward the center. Or
for more advanced or more flexible, you can place your hands out to the side. I’m going
to take a step forward with my left foot and as my foot goes out I’m going to turn the
foot, so if my center is here, my left foot is going to turn out slightly to the side.
What this is going to allow, this is going to allow my right leg to swing to my left
side, all the way across, making an arcing action, and back to where it started from.
I’m going to place my right hand and my left hand out here, so that as I generate the lift
and kick up I’m going to have a big follow through to where my right foot is going to
impact my right hand. So I’m going to bring the leg up, out, hit it and behind me. Okay,
the Crescent Kick, the Outside Crescent Kick. Same thing on the opposite side. I step feet
together, I take my right foot, I step out to the side, turning the toe out. Center,
toe, knee bent, knee is directly over the ankle. Hands are up, my left leg is going
to swing right side to hit the left hand. Again. One more. This is how we perform Outside
Crescent Kick Kung Fu for Health.

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