Kung Fu Kicking Techniques : Kung Fu Kick Punch

Hello, I’m Sifu Mallon with the Clearwater
Kung Fu. This is Kung Fu for health. The kicking combination that we’re going to be working
is called a kick punch. So the kick punch is involving two different techniques. One
is your straight punch. You want to make sure your elbows rub your ribs and your hand is
punching to the forward center of your body. You want to have a nice full extension on
your shoulders. The second technique to this is called our heel kick. Heel kick is where
your knee lifts up and the toe pulls back, kicking the heel of the foot, thrusting it
outward. This is moving technique. So, I’ll begin marching kick and I’m going to go on
a slight angle for you to see the body in alignment. So I step here, I put my opposite
foot forward. Three things happen at one time. My front hand pulls in as my left hand starts
to fire out. The same time this is happening, my right knee is lifting and performing the
heel kick. I step down. As I step down, I do a rolling step, heel, toe. Right into the
next action, my left knee lifts, left hand pulls in, right hand punches out. Heel, toe,
kick, punch, heel, toe. Again, coming straight forward here, I step out with my left foot,
my right hand chambers, my right foot kicks, left hand punches. As you’ll see, my hand
and foot, same place, same time. This is Kung Fu kick punch.

22 thoughts on “Kung Fu Kicking Techniques : Kung Fu Kick Punch

  1. these videos are small demonstrations, not "kick ass fighting vids" it seems like most ppl are refering it too.

  2. Then you're probably fighting chuck norris. Which would be unlucky bearing in mind this is a fitness demonstration 🙂

  3. ok first off, i would love for you try pinger13.second thing is, all i saw was the tittle. i did not bother to read anything about the vid, i just watched it. so sorry if i hurt any of your feelings. dont take it so personally. oh and if this kung fu guy ever wanted to put me on my ass, i wouldnt hesitate for a second. it would be fun to see him try. it wouldnt be the first time i have fought a kung fu instructor. ok… calm the fuck down, i was not aware this was a self defense demonstration.

  4. Well I don't know this guy, so have no idea what he can do. Watching this video made me think that he was just a fitness buddy or something. But kung fu has another side you know, he may be kickass when it comes to something real. Man fuck knows let's put it to the test 😀

  5. Scalier:
    That's not something uniquely boxing, it's also basic in eastern material arts. Well at least in my style, haven't tryed all the 283468726 types of Kung Fu (yet) 🙂

  6. Kung fu is a general term for chinese martial arts, while mordern wushu is the water down form of kung fu where the main point is to look good.

  7. The original meaning of 'Wu' is "to stop or to end the use of weapons". 'Wushu' means martial techniques which can be used to stop or end a fight. It is defensive, not offensive. In fact, the Chinese meaning of the word 'Kung' (Gong) means 'energy' and 'Fu' means 'time'. In other words if you are learning something that takes a great deal of time it is called Gong Fu (Kung Fu). This can be anything including learning martial arts that is a difficult task requiring time, patience and discipline.

  8. Wushu is the general term for chinese martial arts. kungfu isn't. kungfu doesn't even means martial arts in the 1st place.

  9. kick should remain a litlle longer straight ! so at to show good strenght and suppleness and also holding power , power and speed of punch should be more explicit

  10. gah people kung fu translates to hard work, anyone with a martial arts background would know that, and the sholin i learned, we learned kata then application, the kick punch combo i used was to use your knee or foot to pin an opponet against a wall or floor and then litarly punch

  11. its funny because your leg is supposed to be parallel to the floor, under your hand, not beside your hand, what a freaking joke lol

  12. What's being demostrated here cannot be considered incorrect because there are many (if not 100's) styles of kung fu. All have different techniques.

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