Kung Fu Kicking Combos : Kung Fu Combos: Inside Crescent Kick & Butterfly Kick

Hello I’m Sifu Mallon with the Clear water
Kung Fu Center. This is Kung Fu For Health and this how to clip is on inside crescent
kick, butterfly kick. Working through the combination for you slow, I start with my
arms out, I hook step, I bring my right foot to hit my left hand, I place the foot down,
I step behind myself I bend the knees, throw the arms this way, and then I’m going to lift
my right leg, left leg, one, two, turn forward. Going through the combination I step one,
step one, two, butterfly kick, land. Again start at beginning position inside crescent
kick, step through. Showing you on a different angle, one, two, three, four, five. Again.
This is how to inside crescent kick, butterfly kick, Kung Fu For Health.

37 thoughts on “Kung Fu Kicking Combos : Kung Fu Combos: Inside Crescent Kick & Butterfly Kick

  1. roflmao, Fool, You're suppose to have your Legs straight when you do it. Not all curved like a fat kid trying to do a somersault.

  2. HAHAHAHA…im a wushu lover and seeing this makes me laugh. actually reminds me of "Afro Ninja"…HAHAHAA. wtf is that man….typical westerner trying to be all wushu-like. instead of dressing like a wushu player….learn to perform like one man….lol.

  3. did he just introduce himself as a SIFU???? fucking hell!….what has the world come to? …..sifu????….not with that circus show mate.

  4. yes….i know what Shi Fu means for fuck sake….and HE shouldnt be one even tho he says the correct thing. if thats the case…then HEY EVERYONE who knows good technique…..BECOME TEACHERS!!!!! IT'S A FREE FOR ALL!!!!!!
    your probably just as crap as he is hence why u defend him. Peace

  5. okok…sorry. I got to admit…i was rude. this other guy really pissed me off on youtube the other day. you see…i am a wushu player and he is a traditional kung fu guy. he commented…"try using a real sword"..and then he asked me y i cant keep comments to myself…and that just set me on fire. sorry to take it out on you…peace.

  6. but u know…. i dont even mind if its not a real sword. IT'S WUUUSHUUUU..lol. everyone smart enuf knows that wushu focuses more on the ART than the MARTIAL…and us wushu players even admit that we do it cuz its flashy and for show. our weapons are light so that we can perform nicer…..so i dnt get ppl who start arguments about this. why the hell would you want to use a REAL sword these days anyway??? what use would it be???lol..You know, he was a Tai Chi guy who did tai chi broadsword…haha

  7. I think the only purpose of that combo would be to make your opponent back up. even if you connected with the crescent kick, that will barely do any damage, and you won't have enough distance to execute a butterfly kick. If someone did that to me, i would catch the crescent kick, or just side step.

  8. Sir, it is in your best interest to perfect a move before putting it on YouTube. I am 24 and I've been doing tae kwon do since I was 7, and kick boxing since I was 14. So, I am a martial artist myself, and I have to say that was very very sloppy. I hope to God that that was not your best; if it was you have a lot of work to do.

  9. @constableman try it on your own then your a bigger one but it look like crap indeed what he showed only real artists can do this

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