Kung Fu Karl – Video Games Will Destroy Your Life (Ep #2)

[Karl:] Oh, come on! I just shot that guy in the face! (mumbling) I love video games. Nothin’s better on a beautiful summer day than locking yourself in the basement, and playin’ video games for 76 hours straight while chuggin’ carbonated meth and defecatin’ in discarded pizza boxes. Now, as glamorous as that sounds, there’s actually a dark side to video games. And it brings us to the Now, you’re probably thinkin’, Karl, you’re devilishly handsome,
I’ll give you that but there ain’t no way a video game
can destroy my life! To which I’ll say,
“Thank you for the compliment, but doubt me again, and I’ll
karate chop your face up your own ass.” Anyway, it was the early 80’s,
and my movie was a huge success. All kinds of endorsements came rollin’ in! and many more! But one that really caught my eye
was when a certain video game company, we’ll call them “Mintendo,” wanted to make Yours Truly
into the next big video game star. Now, at the time, I didn’t know much about video games except that you pop amphetamines
and murder ghosts and since I love doin’ that anyway, I agreed! Well, after months of research, development, and testing, Super Karate Plumber Brothers
was finally complete. And I tell you what, the game looked amazing. I was about the be
the biggest video game star in the world. But the night before the release, the company suddenly decided that
a karate plumber that fights taco monsters made no sense. So they replaced me with some Italian dude
who trips balls on shrooms and fights other shrooms or whatever. And just like that, they left me for dead. One minute I’m gonna be rich and famous, and the next I’m broke,
playin’ board games out of spite, and beatin’ up every Italian guy
named Mario I could find. and I ended up spending three years in prison. Not for beatin’ up Italian dudes, but because I almost choked a guy to death
in a heated match of hungry hungry hippoes. So I hope you all learned something
from today’s life lesson. Video games will destroy your life. I mean, I guess they’ll destroy your life. If, like, you’re about
to become a video game star, and… then you don’t become one. And you get all sad, and you choke a dude with the hippo pellets and uh… So, uh, yeah. Don’t do that. Well, that’s it for this week. I just ordered a pizza
from some place called “Mario’s,” But, I’ll leave you with You can lead a horse to water, but good luck tryin’ to drown it. Horses are big.

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