Kung Fu Karl – Da Bomb at Da Prom (Ep #6)

[Karl:] Ah, Karl sure does clean up nice. You, too, Karl Jr. A.K.A., my ding-dong. Well, it’s prom season. That special time of year when
kids get awkward slow-dance boners, puke all over themselves, and have babies on the crapper. Now, embarrassing yourself
at the prom can scar you for life. and Yours Truly has been kicked out
of over 28 proms during my lifetime. And it brings us to the I was a tenth-year senior and
lookin’ dope in my tuxedo onezie, complete with butt flap for convenient poopin’! Now, somehow every girl I asked to be my date had an airtight excuse, so i decided to go stag. I arrived six hours early for some light pregaming in the parking lot with Chad Dickheadson, the coolest kid in school. But I guess he decided to hang out
with some nerds as a charity case or whatever, so I started without him. And after a few dozen beers, a couple of hits from my cumber-bong, and soakin’ my bowtie in LSD, I was ready to par-tay. And also party. So I’m inside the prom and first
I gotta take care of the munchies. So I hit up the food table and scarf down some bacon wrapped shrimp, shrimp wrapped bacon, fat cured pizza fritters, choco mozzerella banana ploppers, and lard buttered bacon shit. Now, you know KFK loves to dance. And with my tummy full, it was time for me to I wanted to impress Chad, so I started out with a little shimmy-shake and a hbleugh (continued vomiting) (panting) And then I went into the robo- bleeeeuuuugh Oh god, oh that shrimp was spoiled rotten! Anyway, all the booze, drugs, and toxic shrimp
settled into my brain just in time to see Chad win prom king. So, naturally I challenged
King Dickheadson to a joust, drop-kicked him in the spine, puked on the queen, and ordered beheadings for everyone. So, for some reason,
the prom ended early. But that just meant it was time for the after-party. Chad ended up ditchin’ his date. I guess he had better things to do. And I managed to hitch a ride
in his sweet-ass super jacuzzi limo! Now this brings us back to the
Life Lesson of the Day, “Limos don’t have toilets.” But super jacuzzi limos have super jacuzzis, and that’s the next best thing to a toilet. Five years later, Chad Dickheadson
died in a sewer explosion. Well, that’s it for this week. I gotta go find a little bowtie for Karl Jr. But I’ll leave you with The fastest way to a man’s heart
is through his stomach. But the fastest way to a man’s stomach is through his butt hole. So you may just wanna rethink
your whole plan of attack, there.

100 thoughts on “Kung Fu Karl – Da Bomb at Da Prom (Ep #6)

  1. And what i meant was that everybody, except people that are old and/or boring as shit (basically), are children at heart. Fun loving MotherFuckers who want nothing more than to experience life's joys and wonders before the bitter end. And after writing this I read my last comment and have no idea what I'm talking about anymore. Goddammit, my love for marijuana, though hath strucketh again!

  2. The esophagus is only about a foot or so in length, it directly connects to the stomach. Your ass has dozens upon dozens of feet of colon & small intestine between it and the stomach. Clearly, the fastest way to the stomach is through the mouth.

  3. Awww, look, a retarded slug has randomly learned how to type. Please tell us more about how you hate "science, facts and reason", and how they spoil your little christian lifestyle of preferred ignorance.

  4. Son you ruined a perfectly good joke with your esophagus v butt crap. I dont give a damn wich way is faster but you must comment and ruin the humor.

  5. In order to ruin the humor of this clip, there must be humor in it to begin with. Although your inability to figure out when you are verbally unarmed in an intelligent word fight is now providing me with the humor required. Thank you you dumb little no friends having idiot mud sucker. Please, respond again and show me that people with an 85 IQ can actually operate a keyboard.

  6. well shit you got it right, correcting your grammar on youtube does make him a bitch
    fuck grammar nazis
    (no offense)

  7. "The fastest way to a man's heart, is through his stomach, but the fastest way to a man's stomach, is through his butthole. So you may want to rethink your whole plan of attack there…"

  8. Ahahahahahaha! Did you get your mommy to help you compose that? Poor little helmet wearing special class short bus rider, no matter what you say at this point, you started arguing that I brought too much intelligence to this jokeless clip. You will forever struggle to prove you are on par with what I throw away. Have yourself an interesting day trolltard.

  9. Trolltard? What an interesting word. Is that what your mother shouts to your dad if he forgets the condoms? You are pathetic. You claim this is a humorless clip but you have just aimed multiple haters towards you. If this is humorless surely someone as 'intelligent' as your self wouldn't be here to put in your stomach opinions? Hmm? That makes you quite a hypocrite talking about me being a trolltard when you are here on this clip, ruining others enjoyment. Back under your bridge you troll.

  10. @kaosgoblin dude… we didnt need your smart shit or "nerd noncense" but you can really lay off the "kfk is not funny!" because its actually a very funny show that your just to smart to let your hair down and enjoy… no i sugest 2 things to you sir! 1. learn better comebacks and 2. go to the science part of youtube and let us normal people enjoy our mindless comedy! GOOD DAY TO YOU SIR!

  11. The bonus lesson of the week is not true your intestine can stretch for miles the fastest way is the throught

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