Kung Fu Karl – Camping (Ep #7)

[Karl:] Food.
[DK:] Check. [Karl:] Fishing Gear.
[DK:] Check. [Karl:] Antique 17th century camping chandelier?
[DK:] Check! [Karl:] That’s everything! [Both:] Let’s go camping! [Karl:] Camping is a great way to
get in some good ol’ male bonding. Like starting a campfire, peeing on squirrels, and preparing for the zombie apocalypse. [DK:] Speaking of the apocalypse, it’s also a great way to learn some survival skills. And that brings us to the Life Lesson of the Day. Now, our camping trip
started out like it always does. I had just set up my tent in record time, while DK fumbled and bumbled with his as usual. [DK:] You replaced my tent poles
with poisonous snakes! [Karl:] That was a test, and you failed it. Anyway. With the campsite set up,
it was time for some R & R. [DK:] Rest and relaxat- [Karl:] Rifles and rrralcohol! We headed down to the ol’ fishin’ hole to blast us some
West American snapper trout for dinner, when suddenly we were face-to-crotch
with a humongous grizzly bear. [DK:] This is when your survival instincts kick in. [Karl:] So while the bear was distracted
by the disgusting sight and odor of DK shitting his pants, I quickly fashioned some Bear Mace using a pine cone, fresh skunk spray, and mixed it together using the cap
from DK’s can of Bear Mace. I threw the mixture directly in DK’s face, causing him to vomit all over the bear, and giving us enough time to flee. [DK:] Uh, for the record, I wasn’t shitting my pants, it was a series of strategic
“panic farts” to confuse the bear. [Karl:] Yeah, sure, whatever. Anyway, after I heroically saved the day, we decided to head back to camp and protect ourselves in case
that bear came after us again. [DK:] That’s when we built [Both:] Bear Fort sixty-five hundred! [Karl:] Triple-reinforced steel tent, sixteen laser-guided turrets, an army of meat-filled decoys, and a flaming gasoline moat so big it would make Jacques Cousteau jizz his pants. For some reason. In hindsight, it probably would have made more sense
to build the fort from the inside, because, as we were trying to figure out
how to get past the gasoline moat, our old friend the grizzly bear was back
and more pissed off than ever. thankfully, all the toxic fumes
from the gasoline moat got the attention of a park ranger
who came in to save the day. And then the bear wasted no time
ripping off and eating the ranger’s face, allowing me and DK to sneak off safe and sound. So I hope you all learned something
from today’s life lesson. Bears love to eat your face. [DK:] I learned the dry cleaners
can not get shitstains out of a ninja outfit. [Karl:] Aha-ha! So you WERE shittin’ your pants! [DK:] Uh- Dammit! [Karl:] Ha! Well that’s it for now,
but we’ll leave you with [DK:] When eviscerating your enemy, be sure to take a step back, so his intestines do not get on your shoes as they spill out of his abdomen. [Karl:] Jeez, DK, uh… I usually keep these things
a little more lighthearted. That was… that was messed up. [DK:] Wanna go pee on some squirrels? [Karl:] I thought you’d never ask.

68 thoughts on “Kung Fu Karl – Camping (Ep #7)

  1. Yea I'v seen the Simpson's Movie and maybe you like to eat your fish well getting zapped by ever bite you take, but i like my fish with bullet holes.

  2. You guys should check this guys blog out. It's called kung fu karl.

    It's about pissing on squirrels. I almost came freehanded. LOL just saiyan

  3. I was attack by a bear once luckly i remember this tip and use my "friend" to shit in his pants and escape from the bear :3

  4. When eviscerating your enemy be sure to take a step back, so his intestines do not get on your shoes, while they spill out of his abdomen!

  5. oh i understand how hard it was to make, and he is very skilled, i suggest, perhaps, teaming up with someone who is actually funny so he can animate videos for him!

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