Kung Fu Jump Kicks : Kung Fu Jump Kicks: Jump Spinning Crescent Kick

Hello, I’m Sifu Mallon with the Clearwater
Kung Fu Center. This is Kung Fu for health. We’re going to be working another jump kick
right now. The jump kick that we’re going to be performing is called the jump spin outside
crescent kick. This kick is done in place. Starting position, again, is from your fighting
stance. I’m going to break the movements down for you nice and slow. The movements start
with the bending of the knees, so compressing, getting a nice spring action. You’re going
to jump up and, like we’ve talked about before in Kung Fu, where your head goes and your
body follows so the first thing to rotate is your head. As I lift, I’m going to jump
up, my right leg is going to come up, my left leg is going to come from behind my body,
lifting in an arched knee action and this is called a crescent kick. I’m going to swing
all the way through and land. Again, one more time breaking the motion up for you. One,
two, three. Going at full speed, I’m going to dip down. Again. One more time. To make it easier for you, you can leave your
front leg, the right leg, hanging so that’s closer to the floor as you land. After you’ve
done it a few times, you lift the leg up tucking it and this makes it look like you’re jumping
higher. This is jump spin outside crescent kick.

29 thoughts on “Kung Fu Jump Kicks : Kung Fu Jump Kicks: Jump Spinning Crescent Kick

  1. He needs to practise his a lot before he starts giving advice on how to do it.

    His arms are flailing when he is in mid air. You always protect the groin with one closed fist or you tuck your arms in so you don't slow yourself down.

    You don't squat down before you jump either or they will know you are going to attack with an air kick. You do have to bend the knees but the rotation and jump happen simultaneously. He also needs to bring his leg up sooner. He has decent balance though.

  2. @MyRanchMyRules sigh* how many times do we have to tell you people; it will work in a fight but you need to master it and actually knowing when to use it ; anything that involves in martial art, can be used in a fight ( just look at taichi lol )

  3. @Blackwing024 That would be fine, but only if you're referring to a taekwondo master who focused on the combative forms and actual applications, not the sport/olympic form.

  4. @thebeliver91 all the styles you mentioned have kung fu in them, krav maga has plenty of five animal and white crane movements and muay thai is white elephant style

  5. no shit he's telegraphing his moves, this is an instructional video! he's try to make his moves obvious so people understand easily. does it look like he's sparring to you?

  6. Your first two kicks were off by an inch. You would have missed your opponent by at least that much.

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