Kung Fu Jump Kicks : Kung Fu Jump Kicks: Butterfly Kick

Hello, I’m Sifu Mallon with the Clearwater
Kung Fu center. This is Kung Fu for health. We’re going to be working an advanced jump
kick today, this is called our butterfly kick. This is a moving technique where you’re using
your right leg and left leg to perform two different kicks in mid-air. To start the action
I’m going to break it down for you nice and slow. You’re going to begin from a high bow
and arrow stance, your arm work plays an important roll in this generate momentum and lift. I’m
going to bring my right arm, I’m going to bring my right arm forward this way and my
left arm is going to follow the same path. From here, I’m going to bend the knees and
I’m going to dip my body down. At this point, I’m activating my legs so that I can really
thrust myself up. My arms are going to lift up in a triangle position, this way, as my
arms lift, my right leg is going to come following this action. One, landing, in the same time,
my left leg is going to come up performing a hooking action, two, landing and twisting,
following the momentum through. One more time nice and slow. I start the arm generating
momentum, I bend the knees, lifting the arms and body together, one, two, land, follow
momentum through. Putting the kick into fast speed. Again. One last one. This is how we perform the butterfly kick,
Kung Fu for health.

31 thoughts on “Kung Fu Jump Kicks : Kung Fu Jump Kicks: Butterfly Kick

  1. Not nice, I see this kind of execution of the B-kick on kung fu tournaments, where are people trying to prove themselves they're good, but they mostly aren't…Hope you don't teach this others. I'm just a kung fu student and I'd say I do it twice better. My teacher is twice better than me and that's the way it should be…

  2. souleater, this is called butterfly kick but in wushu, we call it butterfly. The goal is to float like a butterfly, its not even supposed to be a kick.

  3. no oofence but i learned this today and i seem better u forgot to dip down and throw ur arm away from the kick ull spin faster and higher

  4. mainly because if you were a chinese assassin at a higher level over your target, you do a twist over someones head and cut their head off, whereas when you do a butterfly you have your target under you. thats why when people do wushu they swing the sword under their butterfly…. imagine a persons head where the sword slices and you have a ver useful assassins tool

  5. Well no disrespect to you but a martial artist doesn't brag about his/her abilites because someones gonna be better than you at some high flying technique that you aren't I mean this is just the way it works but if you're still training good luck and be hopeful to become a sifu someday.

  6. @MrRDsford well no disrespect to you, but in all honesty, half of the people in the US who does martial art right now; likes to show it off

  7. Why is it so hard to find someone showing wushu on youtube who isn't white? GEEZ! Is it too much to ask for??!

  8. don't find this tutorial so boring. the aspect of momentum is often highly understimated, and he explains it plain and well. very important, i tell you…

  9. You gotta be kidding me… this dude is shitty… I'm gonna go on ebay and buy a kung fu outfit and make my own SIFU TRAINING MANUAL videos, christ. I bet I'd get more subscribers than half these uncoordinated half-whits.

  10. This is a really poor butterfly. The teacher is a beginner. I hope no one is paying for these videos. The ad before the videos tells me he's just getting paid for clicks. Bad lesson, don't watch.

  11. this guy cant do it for shit! thi was a waste of time and did not help me at all! he makes this simple kick so complicated, you dont need to do all of that arm crap at the start!

  12. northern styles of kung fu are so beautiful. too bad they're ineffective for fighting. Thats why kung fu instructors nowadays are changing their tune and saying " kung fu gor health" and exercise and fitness. Not fighting or delf defense. Although Sanda Kickboxing is effective and a Kung Fu derivative, however at that point its no longer Kung fu, and now more so kickboxing. Just like how Muay Thai is a derivative of Muay Boran. For fighting as far as striking is concerned; simple is better. I cant see anyone pulling off a butterfly kick in real life. You'll get grounded and pounded and submitted to death. 🙂

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