Kung Fu In 8 Bit – NES

what’s up everybody I’m atCha from TheGamerVillage and today we’re taking it old school playing some 8-bit kungfu
alright so we’re gonna take through the first stage it’s been a while since I played
this game too so oh yeah you have punches and kicks get jump kick jump
punch oh I got time too alright so if I remember there’s like these little dudes
that jump on you but for now something I think get more points about punch up to
look at this I am too hon oh yeah try and be slick with it
nope alright come on man oh you got me that’s weak
alright come on let’s go this is not a time run or anything I’m just playing for fun
oh well they come from this way too I’m on the right way right bam bam
you notice are they ready they come to me they open the mouth so they get kicked
BAM right in the mouth oh I didn’t see you coming
Oh kick to the face and punch in the groin let’s go keep going
oh dude with a stick oh you beat me with it I forgot about him yeah I remembered
enough to stay with it long enough to get him all right look yes take it to the next floor alright so
let’s see how far I can get with one set of lives
give me that bonus all right I think the second floor is when they do all kinds
of weird stuff yeah they’re just they drop like all kinds of little you punch
them okay so there’s little snakes there’s
dragons oh you got me and little snakes the snakes little snakes oh he goes the
other way if I miss him I mean if I go over them too fast all right and then
there’s dudes that’s weak so these are gonna try and get me also
oh there’s a little dude oh he got me all right
oh that’s the boss right there that’s the boss oh look at that
oh he’s slick with it he’s got two of them nope
oh I got me all right so ahhhh got me twice re so I got one man
left after this then plan of attack is to is to just rush my guess cuz oh that
little dude got me in the leg man what’s up with that kick him
oh yeah if I remember they jump on your head if you don’t um oh oh you got me
bummer alright dude last man this is exactly how
we’re supposed to do it though just cause I’m say gonna be perfect but
that’s not all right to do with the boomerang
oh that’s two times there’s no oh no oh that is so weak all right not happy about it but I guess I’ll
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better if you if you guys are having some fun time watching it leave some
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