Kung Fu Hustle – Part 5 Movie Clip HD

What did I say about cheating? Sit back down! You! The geezer with the glasses.
You look mean. No, not you. I mean… You! Hey, kid, let’s rumble! All right, all right! So no one-on-ones today. You’re all such wimps! He blackmailed me. Fat woman, you’re
in charge here, right? Fat woman, my ass! I’m with the Axe Gang! Axe Gang, my ass! Boss! Boss, my ass! – You have to pay our medical bills!
– Bills, my ass! – We’re on the same side!
– Same side, my ass! Think you’re so tough?
I’ll call for backup! You nitwit! Let’s see you call backup! You don’t know the backup I have.
I’m talking an army here. Don’t you go away! Go put
a down payment on your coffin! Who threw the firecracker? I’m one of you, brother. Mind your own business! It’s raining. Go bring in your laundry! Fat woman! You blackmailing me too? I ain’t afraid. I… Did anyone see what happened? Don’t! My back’s broken! Call for help!

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