Kung Fu Hustle – Part 4 Movie Clip HD

Go away! Please can you teach us, sir? No more soccer! – Who wants the cut?
– My boss. Take a seat. Done! Fifty cents, please. Isn’t it great? It’s too good! Why’d you make him look so good? Why? Don’t get mad, boss.
He’s my old buddy. I’ll handle this. He’s boss of the Axe Gang. Don’t you
see the two axes? We’re bad guys. Making him look good
is really bad. Understand? – I didn’t know.
– You’re a numskull! But I like you, so just pay me,
and I’ll take care of it. No way! Steady with the axe, boss.
Let me talk to him. I really care for you. You saw it
for yourself. Seriously. Why don’t you pay up. Not much.
Enough for a drink. Oh, so it’s blackmail! Boss! Boss! Now you’re dead! Looks like he’s waking up! I’m not afraid. You can kill me. But there’ll be thousands more of me! You want to play tough? The Axe
Gang boss is napping in there. Whoever wants to die,
step forward. So you want to fight? Great! We’ll go one-on-one. Don’t even think about cheating. That old woman with the onion! You look real tough. Want to try me?
I’ll let you hit me first. What do you do? I’m a farmer. Farmers don’t fight. Piss off! He’s crazy! Calling me names? You’re lucky you’re a woman. Hey, shorty! Yeah, you!
If you’re short, you don’t retort. What did I say about cheating?

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