Kung Fu Hustle – Part 21 Movie Clip HD

There’s no one here! CHINESE MEDICINE It’s a miracle he lasted this long. The herbs should help him. Herbal medicine can only partly help.
The key is his own body structure. All his bones and tendons are broken. It’s amazing he’s recovering so fast. It can’t be possible… Unless he’s… What’s that smell? You mustn’t smoke while you’re hurt. Let me handle this. This makes no sense. Who knew the Beast could clear
the chi flow… …and thus unleash
the boy’s true potential? We should’ve guessed. He is the one! Is this for real? You’re still alive, you turncoat? Kill him, men!

90 thoughts on “Kung Fu Hustle – Part 21 Movie Clip HD

  1. Indians lend me your ears. A million years will pass by but you could never be able to make a movie like this.
    भारतीयों ने मुझे तुम्हारे कान उधार दिए। एक लाख साल बीत जाएंगे लेकिन आप कभी इस तरह की फिल्म नहीं बना पाए।

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