Kung Fu Hustle – Part 11 Movie Clip HD

This job is a great challenge for us. Now, that’s professionalism. Number One Killers. Expensive, yes,
but worth every penny! No! Number one is the Beast,
the world’s top killer. He was so dedicated to kung fu,
he went crazy. I heard he’s now in an asylum. So you’re the top killers now. Strictly speaking,
we’re just musicians. A song that wrenches the heart
O where do I find a knowing ear? Great poem, isn’t it? We’ll be saying goodbye soon. Who knows when we’ll see
each other again. We’re three of a kind.
Wish we’d known before. Let’s take this opportunity
to spar a little. No. We still have a lot to pack. You’re right. Twelve Kicks of the Tam School!
Superb attack and defense! Iron Fist: powerful yet delicate.
Topnotch! Hexagon Staff, with its
thousand moves. Mystical! Till we meet again! More lipstick! Stay there, or I’ll break you in half.

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