Kung Fu Hustle – Part 10 Movie Clip HD

What’re you doing here? Looking for you. Weren’t you hurt? I’m fine! How come you always recover so fast? I don’t know. – Which hospital did you go to?
– Don’t remember. Maybe it’s better that way. Memories can be painful.
To forget may be a blessing! I never knew you were so deep. All the sadness one can bear… …down the river everywhere. Hey, get out of the way! Move! I’ll slap you to kingdom come! Look at those four-eyes
carting around a coffin. What morons! Don’t blame me for making you leave. We’ll let Buddha decide… …whether you stay… …or go. HORRIFICALLY BAD FATE Have some tea. We’re grateful for
some professional help. We understand the problem.
Twelve Kicks from the Tam School… …Iron Fist from the Hung School
and the Hexagon Staff… Those guys at Pig Sty are really good. Their warrior days are long over… …but they’re still top fighters.

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