Kung Fu Hustle – Action Movie 9/24

We have nothing precious
to give you… …but take this as a token
of our appreciation. Thanks for saving us! Stop the crying. This isn’t a show! – You’re so cold-hearted.
– Talking back to me, eh? You may know kung fu,
but you’re still a fairy. It’s no crime to be good at kung fu! Once a fairy, always a fairy. Look at you. What’s with
the red underwear? Why not a diaper while you’re at it. What’s wrong with red underwear? Where were you
when there was trouble? If it weren’t for them, we’d be finished.
Be reasonable! I’ll reason with you. You owe me three months’ rent.
That’s $90. Pay up or pack up! Don’t you worry. I’ll pay it. Think you’re a smartass,
Rabbit-Tooth Jane? What’s it to you, tub of lard? Bitch! Calm down, Landlady. This is your fault. – Are you trying to kill us?
– You’re right. How could you do that? Shut the hell up! You think you can out-yell me? The fat lady can really sing. Watch this! What happened? What do you mean,
what happened? You try it. – Me?
– Quick! Sorry! You okay? I think you should get closer
and take better aim. Okay? Okay! – Who’s throwing the handles?
– Handle? Where’s the third knife? God knows where it went. Could it be the same one? Can’t be… – Don’t!
– Sorry. What are you trying to say? I just remembered I have
something to do. See you! Uh-oh. They’ve seen us! Stay back! Don’t panic! Snakes like music.
If I whistle, they won’t bite. Please, no more bright ideas. Oh, what the hell! Not you again, asshole! Get back to your business! Split up! Split?

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