Kung Fu Hustle – Action Movie 24/24

What kind of move was that? If you want to learn, I’ll teach you. Master! Hey! Tell him not to put snot
on the glass. You two, put your pants on! No licking if you’re not buying! Kid, you have the bone structure
of a kung-fu genius. World peace is in your hands.
Here’s the scroll of the Buddhist Palm. Because it’s fate, I’ll let you
have it for $ 10. Wait! You want more…?

61 thoughts on “Kung Fu Hustle – Action Movie 24/24

  1. Dövüş sanatları ile duygusal sahneleri çok iyi harmanlayan ender filmlerden birisi, Stephen Chow çok başarılı bir yönetmen ve oyuncu. Saygılar sevgiler

  2. Nice movie.its very long time that Stephen Chow cannot make a new movie before l watch the AXE Second kungfu hustle after that no more movies we hope this year we have another movies action and comedy.🤔🤔🤔🤔

  3. 3:24 1. Thiên thủ thần quyền.
    2. Giáng long 18 chưởng.
    3. Cửu dương thần công.
    4. Nhất dương chỉ.
    5. Độc cô cửu kiếm.

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