Kung Fu Hustle – Action Movie 20/24

– Looks like they’re not up to it!
– Let’s get them while they’re down. You do it! – I’m gonna puke! I need to see a doctor!
– Go to hell! You! Come over here. – Hit him!
– Yes! – The head!
– Of course! – Hit him on the head!
– Okay. – Here’s your chance.
– Got it! – Hit him!
– Hit him! – Hit the shit out of him!
– Right! – Hit him!
– Hit him! Beat the shit out of him! What’re you doing? You want me to hit him
or beat the shit out of him? You’re making me very confused! Wow, that’s a big fist! Why did you hit me? Where are they? How could you let them escape? No one gets away from me! Why did he save us? Young people make mistakes. But at least he finally made good. Look at him! Beaten to a pulp. Do you have any last requests? Hey, wait! Why don’t you write in Chinese?
I don’t understand.

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