Kung Fu Hustle – Action Movie 17/24

The world’s top killer
indeed looks the part! It’s only a title. Cut the bullshit. We want two people
killed. Name your price. Name my what? I’ve killed so many trying to find
a worthy adversary. So far, I’ve never found one. That’s why I stayed inside. Had I met my match,
I’d have been out long ago. If you find me a worthy opponent… …I’ll do it for free. No charge! Do you have someone? Yes. Brilliant fighters who are
up to the challenge. But first, will you show us
some moves? Not that we don’t trust you.
We want to see you in action. You numskulls aren’t worthy! He doesn’t look the part. The slippers are a little crappy.
But he’ll clean up well. You sure you got the right guy? Absolutely. I swear I did
exactly what you told me. Please show us some moves,
Mr. Beast. Don’t make it hard for me! You dumb or what? You know what this is, old man? Ever seen a fist this big? Don’t force me to fight.
I scare myself when I fight! Really? Try me, then. Is he okay? So you say you can fight? Harder! Harder! Harder! You hit like that and call yourself
a gangster? A foreign gun!

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