Kung Fu Hustle – Action Movie 16/24

Go away! You’re dragging me down! Go home and raise pigs. Go, before I kill you. You! Whatsyourname! Take this and get some new clothes.
You’re now an Axe! – For real?
– Someone’s waiting for you. Brother Sum! One look at you, and I knew
you’d do anything. Right! You just needed your chance. Damn right! We’ve an assignment for you. Anything, Brother Sum! “Research on abnormal people.”
What’s that? A mental asylum. Soldiers! Boy Scouts! Tanks! No worries. When the Boy Scouts change shifts,
you have exactly five minutes. Follow the arrows on the map.
Go to the last cell… …and get the man inside there out.
Here’s your tools. What about you guys? We’re your lookouts. Five minutes. Hurry!

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