Kung Fu Hustle – Action Movie 15/24

Don’t think so. Everyone! We swore
we’d never fight again. But we broke that promise today. For your own safety, please all leave! In great power lies great responsibility. There’s no escaping from it. Donut, you’re hurt bad. Rest now. We can’t understand
what you’re saying. Donut! I know you, four-eyes! You seem prejudiced against
the sight-challenged. That’s right.
Especially gold-framed four-eyes. Gold frames are perfect for clerks. I think I look good.
So why keep picking on me? Help me! “Help me! Help me!”
Want to play, punks? The Dragon Style? The Tiger Style? Come down here, and I’ll smash
your glasses. Come on! You know I’d do it, right? Swear to it! Swear! Have you no respect? Where were you
when I needed you? You sound like a wimp! We always get beat!
We haven’t gotten anywhere. No killing, no arson,
no robberies, no rapes… …all because of you! You’re a numb-nut! Follow me! It’s a stickup! Where’s the money? Where’s the money? What’re you looking at? I’m serious! I kill people for less!
Give me the money. The money’s in here. Let go of the girl! He’s a fool, and she’s mute. Losers!

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