Kung Fu Hustle – Action Movie 14/24

I thought that was a myth. Who knew the Lion’s Roar
really exists? That’s the last we’ll see of them. It’s bad, Brother Sum.
Quick, start the car! Start the car! Boss! Keep it down! Have you no manners? Get lost. People are trying to sleep. They have to work tomorrow.
Get out of here! Scumbags! I can’t hang on much longer. But having seen
real masters like you… …I can now die in peace. Don’t say that. We’re ordinary folks. Ordinary’s a blessing. Don’t call us masters. But you’re such great fighters! If only you’d helped earlier,
they wouldn’t have to die this way. Like Donut said,
everyone has his reasons. Years ago… …we saw our only son killed in a fight. Revenge can be devastating. Do you understand? Why don’t you train us
to be top fighters… …and we’ll avenge them! Becoming a top fighter takes time. Unless you’re a natural-born
kung-fu genius. And they’re one in a million. It’s obvious I’m the one! Don’t think so.

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