42 thoughts on “Kung Fu Grasshopper (Legendado Pt-Br)

  1. Yeah, I love this scene. Master Po = Awesomeness! I think David is a better candidate for this film than Bruce, just because of the character of Caine

  2. Kill Bill and Kung Fu star David Carradine has been found dead in a Bangkok hotel room. Goodbye Grasshopper

  3. This series was divinly inspired…It's all about relationships and communication and the love between Caine and his elders was so powerful that, if harnassed, it could light a city…

  4. Genius stuff…deep….The love between Po n Caine could light up all of California…It was palpable…

  5. @docmccarty Oh, I think Po is far more interesting than Yoda. 🙂 Besides Kung Fu was between 72-75, while Episode V was in 1980.

  6. a scene that can inspire u to this day. All time classic. Hall of Fame yall,, when someone says oldschool, this is what they outta be talking about =][=

  7. When I was a kid in the 70s I was fascinated with young grasshopper ' s bald head. It was so different because everyone had long hair then.

  8. 1. When the student is ready, the Master will appear.
    2. When the Master appears, the first thing he teaches you is the fact that you don't know anything.

  9. Master Po: "Close your eyes. What do you hear?"
    Young Caine: "I hear the water. I hear the birds."
    Master Po: "Do you hear your own heartbeat?"
    Young Caine: "No."
    Master Po: "Do you hear the grasshopper, which is at your feet?"
    Young Caine: "Old man, how is it that YOU hear these things?"
    Master Po: "Young man…how is it that…you do NOT."

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