Kung Fu Fighting for Self Defense : Tiger Claw & Kick Combo in Tiger Style Kung Fu

We’re going to show some of the tiger style
from Black Dragon Kung Fu System. First one is going to be white tiger descends the mountain.
The common stance used in classical form is a cat stance. Most of the weight is on the
back leg, lead foot touches on the ball of the foot, the hands are held in the tiger
claw posture with the lead hand tucked in, this hand back by the face. As the first move
of encounter, you step forward, using a crossed arm block, a tiger claw cross, a leopard fist,
also known as a half knuckle punch, followed by a kick. We’re going to do more common
self defense application of this, in which I’m throwing the right hand. She’s going
to use the reinforced block, crossed arm in this case, to stop my punch. Take my vision
away with the tiger claw, use the leopard fist to take my wind away, and finish off
with a kick. As she’s facing here, I’m throwing a right-handed punch, that’s her
crossed arm block, and take the vision away by scraping the eyes, punching into the shoulder
plexus or neck, following up with a knee kick. We’ll demonstrate that once again. I’m
punching here, this comes across, hits, and then finishes me off. Now the posture of the
hand coming back can serve as the secondary block if need be. We’ll demonstrate how
this is. If you’re not throwing a single punch but I’m throwing more of a boxer combination.
We’ll do the same move, block, and that one comes back as an automatic block. You
don’t have to think block as you do your technique. The body is going to defend itself
as the limbs crisscross in specific zones anyway.

85 thoughts on “Kung Fu Fighting for Self Defense : Tiger Claw & Kick Combo in Tiger Style Kung Fu

  1. Really stiff and not great technique, but better than nothing for beginners, and he should've shown his cat stance from more than one angle.

  2. If she use that on the street,We will be going to her funeral.She need to read the situation while the guy is trying to form his attack and intercept his attack with that claw to his face and follow up with tthe rest.

  3. Nice demo, very straightforward and informative – I like the way sifu began by explaining the footing, he should introduce himself, I want to know his name.

  4. We learn much form experts.

    Tiger claw posture
    Block attack
    Tiger claw to eyes
    Leopard punch
    Follow with kick of pregnant mule to groin

    rawr <3

  5. blockin punches no bother, but what if i went to punch her AND kick her in the box at the same time? i bet she'd hit the deck pretty fast.
    and for the record, i totaly would! shes hot

  6. yes grandmaster wooshoo, aka: fuckhead internet hardman. i wasnt actualy lookin for a serious answer as it was only meant to be a joke.

  7. ha haha, brilliant. at least someones havin a bit of fun with it. everyone else is flat out discussing how deadly they are at martial arts, and how theyd kick everyone to bits. a-holes.

  8. Wow..look at this shit…five form based kung fu and animal style kung fu may look cool and in some terms is effective but it deffinantly is NOT realistic for todays martial artist.

  9. FUCK EXPERT VILLAGE. Seriously. WTF is the purpose of chopping shit up into seconds? They even do that on their own site! This isn't a criticism on the experts in the videos. The guys running expertvillage are total fuckups. Fuck you!

  10. Firstly his stance leaves a MASSIVE gap in his head-guard, which all boxers know is asking for a raping. Secondly, his stance is also too narrow and unstable, he can *easily* be tackled or picked up, thirdly he uses 4 techniques which rely on dead precision (which under adrenal stress will fail) and finally he misses out THE biggest aspect of self-defense which is FOOTWORK. In other words, useless.

  11. Because they're all nerds who haven't grown out of their childhood when kung fu was big? Also given that they're probably unable to defend themselves and never been in a fight, the tattoos and ponytail are probably there to make them look though.

  12. If you seriously believe Kung Fu won't work on the street you are an idiot. If someone really knows what Kung Fu is about and knows it isn't just a sport the will be able to whip ass.

  13. well I would rather prefer karate in order to defense myself – simple but strong techniques. this style of kung fu contains to much bells and whistles, if you know what I mean. that's my opinion.

  14. dunno this is pretty simple, block then scratch his eyes out before thumping him a couple of times. Karate has plenty of techniques more complex than this, as does kung fu have more simple techniques

  15. Please.. DUMBASSES he's teaching you how to ATACK and chlifa, thats supposed to be fast, but they are NOT doing it fast so people can learn, he does everything good, the girl has no knows about kung fu so STOP FUCKING INSULTING HER and yes Esmael, those are basic techniques, did you ever saw the white belt kung fu kata? you should watch it.

  16. EXPERT VILLAGE!!! STOP making martial arts videos. You dont get anyone good and its just embarassing. this makes me want to watch your videos only to laugh at them. I would never ever purchase an expert village instructional as all the MA stuff is rediculous

  17. lol iv only really watched the Martial arts stuff. But if i was to judge everything else on the quality of information in this video… id become expert villages arch enemy and i would rest until they were destroyed haha

  18. @metaluntiltheend ANYTHING other than expert village crap. the only good one is the boxing with the aussi guy. There is a ton of good boxing kickboxing bjj judo and wrestling vids on here that i learn from. Just make ur search specific rahter than general "kung fu" ?

  19. @hatamakiclan OMG I hope you're joking.
    Chosonninja is about the only youtube superhero who's worse than this cretin.

  20. this is for all that do martial arts, first if you hate it don't comment, that's not martial arts way.
    if you think you silty is the best, don't comment at all cuz you r not a martial artiest, you r just a dreamer.
    i m Master in TKD WTF, i teach Brazilian kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Vale tudo
    and when i see this video is only to observe the core of the techniques, is well done, base on silty of Kung FU, for any one that just talk crap get back your school and reflect on your self, (respect #1)

  21. this guys are very charismatic… No i LAUGHT!!! this cramp are nothing skills, like a red fish. all of his video are bullshit. But he 's very funny! Attention, NEVER practice what he teach, it's very dangerous! FOR YOU !

  22. this is gay im pissed that people keep making shit up and insulting the true for of the tiger the actual move is simple and possibly causes while being so simple on your left make it straight then curl the fingers without bending the joint closest to the hand hit their chest palm wise and on the right squeeze the throat without your pointer the pointer across their jaw and squeeze until they are relaxed drop then and go fast with the timing in between hits

  23. yaa i tried this at my friends house i was doin this for about one year and he hase been doing muay thai for like 9 a lasted about a good 15 sec before i hit the ground

  24. @iAmAnZXD i no that all the different animal fighting styles have different specialties like percision and strength and timing and all that i cant say much more because im just starting to learn this stuff

  25. this is what i call BS!! Krav Maga is one of the best fighting style's i'm doing. Muay thai is very good too. But to really know how to protect yourself on the street i'd say Krav all they way 😉

  26. @sexybeastx10 Shaolin Kung Fu is a highly advanced art of the body, mind, and spirit. The man in the video most likely has NO idea what he is talking about, because I am still a Gray Sash and I could easily do better than that. Krav Maga is all about being defensive, and Shaolin Tiger Style Kung Fu is more about being offensive. Of course, no martial arts are supposed to be used incorrectly, and ONLY for self defense.

  27. his "boxing" combo, which ended with a hook that looked like he was working out on the pec machine or some shit. horrible.

  28. I wish all people who are such scathing YouTube critics would put up their own videos. It'd be informative to see their superior techniques.

  29. no point doing this sure it teach's you one of the most used moves in tiger but when you go to expert village there is no playlist they expect you to go through all it is crap so expert village sort it out

  30. My god these videos are great! Sifu Billy Bob talking about tiger claw and leopard fist. This is like a Chinese guy giving instruction to Scottish people on how to play the bag pipes lol.

  31. Actually all this is all true kung fu techniques that are broken down to be used in self-defense applications. Also krav maga is a combination of karate, muay tai, and kung fu. Alos has been known to be the Israelite martial arts. All this just takes practicing the application a dozen of times and till you can do all this in your sleep. Over time it comes natural.

  32. All so keep focus on your attacker at all times and keep moving towards him until he's on the ground. If he has gun and gonna rob you better to give him your wallet instead of dying over money, However if worst comes to worse than use some Krav Maga on the attacker. If he has a knife krav maga will work with that too. However I am open minded to all different style self defence techniques. This video is helpful.

  33. i have to lower the quality of my videos and techniques to get this many views??
    this video is garbage, this don't work on the street or the ring, this is shit pure shit

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