Kung Fu Fighting for Self Defense : Kung Fu Defense & Punch Repetitions

Science has shown it takes between 2000 and
3000 of patterned repetitious movements for the muscle actually to create automatic response;
we call muscle memory. That’s why we see many techniques practiced from repetition
with the martial arts. We’re going to show you some of the techniques that the repetition
builds up to. If you would, go ahead and bring a straight punch. My first technique here,
is I’m moving this hand slightly past my center. I don’t want to go out this far,
because I’m wasting time blocking something not there. As soon as this hand is past the
center I’m going to move in and strike. As I move in I have to check this elbow; if
not I may be unconscious from a good elbow shot. Go and bring that in again if you would.
This is my first move. I veered to the side, much like a boxer would bob down. I’m checking
the elbows so I can come in. I’m driving a strike to the rib. I’ll show that again,
I’m going to show that slow. This one comes up, that’s what redirects the hand to the
side. In order for me enter I have to check this elbow. It also hinders the movement on
the side of your body. I’m throwing a low punch. From this technique, I can go to an
arm, bringing him down to a knee kick, and go to a choke, which would compress the carotid
artery. A number of other options you have, depending upon the necessity and situation.
We’ll demonstrate that one more time. Slow. This one comes up as I block. This checks
the blocking hand and continues to circle around and hit. Come up for a finish. Once
quick if you would.

6 thoughts on “Kung Fu Fighting for Self Defense : Kung Fu Defense & Punch Repetitions

  1. i would imagine you would simply mirror the technique with the other hand…
    if you mean after performing the block if you watch you will see the block has prevented the attacker from being able to launch another punch with the other hand, he would have to back away and shift position before he could use that hand and by that time he has already been struck

  2. hello, i was wondering if anyone knew a video for how to defend someone is sitting on top of you punching the crap out of your face? always wanted to know how, seems the most likely thing to happen if you go down

  3. push their nose backwards and upwards, pull their hair to the side, bite their arm or hand, punch them in the testicles, poke them in the eye, fish hook them, pull their ear

  4. The best way to protect against ground and pound is to be the person who is doing the ground and pound. But of coarse you cant always get that lucky so learn a good grappling base like bjj and wrestling.

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