Kung Fu Dino Posse – Silent But Dino Clips

You’re still a pig dude. (stomach gurgles)
Nggghhh…. Are you okay big buddy? I think it was something I ate! Uh yeah, everything! If only I could just… (farts) That’s better (coughing)
Oh! P.U.! (coughing continues) Emergency respirators! Now! Mine won’t fit! (farts again) Wow, dimwitted and stinky, a winning combination! (coughing and fainting) Wha…what happened? There we go! Hey, why’s everyone looking at me? world I do remember something about a
methane incident but I’d rather not talk about it you don’t know much about Joyce now with
their LP in the atomic air biscuits on the team world’s Calif Paul okay I’ll try to explain it all happened
roughly 60 million years ago when dinosaurs’ reign supreme yeah we know that we were there to do that’s
right would you don’t remember it sporting the
entire herd dinosaurs to do anything top-seeded jesse is playing cause them do Wow Himalaya last hope rivers all the
way to pop down well battle thanks anyway heard the
United States and everything was you needed and store or has exceeded
including the atmosphere re to do an early I see it night anyway to resume the dialogue yes
the rubbed or so I thought I’d I’ll when I miss
something well show you missed it from the
beginning to you gonna be good this field p.m. what little let like that

35 thoughts on “Kung Fu Dino Posse – Silent But Dino Clips

  1. What happens at the end of this episode? And what happened that stopped you from getting the entire episode?

  2. How the hell would all that methane cause an ice age? I'm no chemist or environmental scientist, but isn't that illogical?

  3. Hellbent
    Lucy is a beautiful triceratops she's
    cute if she went to the beach she would
    wear a sexy swimsuit so she can sunbathe
    or play with a giant beach ball

  4. So I saw your comment on TheMysteriousMrEnter's review of this show, and decided to track down this episode to see if what you were saying is true.
    And then I encountered you again with this video in my attempts to find this episode. Funny how the world works sometimes.

  5. I remember you talking about this on Mrenter's review of this show

    and then I saw your other videos,
    so um, do you have a fetish for this thing?

    that's okay, I do too.

  6. I always loved coming back to this video, then I saw there were actually a few extra fart jokes in the full episode when the creators uploaded it, I the one with the evil sidekick was pretty funny https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YLlV6AJhjSc&feature=youtu.be

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