Kung Fu Conditioning : Kung Fu V Ups

Hi, my name is Dan Schmidt from the Chinese
Martial Arts Center, and today we’re going to be showing you the proper way to perform
V-Ups. Okay, so you begin by laying flat on your back, feet together, hands over head.
Okay, this is what it looks like. Go ahead. Come up and slap your feet. One more. Okay.
Then from the side. So, come up and slap. So, one and then two. Okay, what you’re doing
basically is you have to keep your feet together, okay, you’re raising your legs all the way
up straight, and at the same time your bringing your upper body up all the way. Okay. And
you’re keeping your hands in the same position and your feet in the same position. What you’re
doing basically is you’re folding yourself up, almost like a folding chair and you’re
slapping the tops of your feet. Now, as you come up, you want to contract the abdominal
muscles. So he comes up, you want to contract and then go back down. Okay. Also, what you
could do is you can hold it for a brief second to make it harder. So you go up and you hold
and then straight back down. Count to two, so come up, one; two, and down. Okay. Then
again, from this angle, so you notice the feet are kept together, so up, one and then
one more, two. Okay, then up. That’s the proper way to perform the V-Up.

11 thoughts on “Kung Fu Conditioning : Kung Fu V Ups

  1. The reason why he does't show you is that you is that By him talking and not doing anything it makes it a lot easier for people understand.

  2. Sheesh rotten form lol! We used to have to do them with feet off the ground the entire time 6 inches or less (feet together, not splaying out all over the place), hands straight out over our heads and a clean raise and toe or instep touch every time out. 50 of thos in a row will make anybodys day.

  3. From a yogic perspective handsome, u would exhale as the hands and feet came up, and inhale as you straighten out again. But ultimately, breathe as you feel the need to, so long as you breathe. It is the secret to a long life!

  4. exhale when your contracting abdominals for maximal contraction and you should hold it for 2-4 seconds at the maximum contracted position then slowly go flat under tension the entire time.

  5. This exercise is also called teaser in pilates. The ab contractions in this video are very short, I thought the standard contraction length was 10 seconds?

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