Kung Fu Conditioning : Kung Fu Knuckle Push Up

87.Hi, my name is Dan Schmidt from the Chinese
Martial Arts Center and today we’re going to be showing you the proper way to perform
Knuckle Push Ups. Okay, so Knuckle Push Ups obviously, you start with the fist like this.
You want to go down and put the pressure on the whole top of the hand, the knuckles all
the way down to the tips of the next knuckle. Okay. So you want about a shoulder width,
strike like this, go down on the balls of the feet and press straight down and straight
back up. Okay, like this. Okay. Now from this angle, okay, when you start, you notice that,
okay, the back doesn’t stick out, you want to keep everything flat all the way down.
Okay. You don’t want to hunch your shoulders forward, you don’t want to try to hold them
back. Okay. And the arms have to be straight. Okay. And then when you go down, okay, from
the elbow all the way down to the wrists, it’s just a slight angle, then he push back
up, and back down again. You notice, you don’t want to go completely down to the floor, you
want to be a little less than about a fist distance, from your chest all the way to the
ground. Also with the feet, common errors, people put their foot like this, okay, you
want to be right on the balls of the feet, don’t bend your knee, don’t let your knees
touch the floor. So once again, the Knuckle Push Up. So you start, down, up and then down
and up again, then you stand up. That’s the proper way to perform the Knuckle Push Up.

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  1. we did a alot of thouse too late night like rolling thingy like doing that kuckle push up then doing it all accross the mat like accorss it like from one side of the room to the other then again and again and again and again

  2. It's actually three bottom knuckles. Not every martial art uses the top two knuckles. And no, you will never break your fingers using your bottom three knuckles. Who told you that?

  3. nah its pretty good. the make ur punch so much harder when u get to the relli higher sets of them in the like 50s and stuff. relli helped me. i dont feel pain on my knuckles anymore when i punch walls and stuff.

  4. haha i do like 80 of these on carpet and my knuckles kill.. i cant imagine on hard wood floor like in this video

  5. yeh its great to get u used to pain and stuff for a real fight and also i have a feeling it hardends ur knuckles…

  6. The reason anybody gets sore during exercise is due to the Lactic Acid build up. That is where the body is not getting enough oxygen into their system, therefore this person must not be breathing correctly durring the exercise.

  7. @Wonkypooh I teach Southern Tiger Kung Fu, and we also do it on the first two knuckles. It's just basic biology, if you punch with your middle to pinky knuckle, your fist will very easily roll over and possibly be injured.

  8. Anyone knows which is better: knuckle push ups like them or on two first knuckles?

    From what I've known two-first kunckle push ups are strictly for fight training (based on punches). It trains wrists and proper position of arms so you wouldnt break your bones.

  9. Whenever I try to do any type of push up, the my arms and shoulder bones keep cracking against eachother (they make the popping sounds). I feel completly sore after only a few, but I know I can do better.
    Do you have any tips to help me, even a video will help.
    Thank you.

  10. @omegagilgamesh But it is useful to strenghten all your hand (of course, it has to be done carefully); I was taught that in a fight, even with years of training, you could not hit properly; if that happens, you dont have to worry, because you have all of your hands and wrists trained, strenghtened

  11. They're doing it wrong fail – you DONT do knuckle pushups on your weaker two knuckles of your 4th and 5th…
    Those fails are putting all their weight on the back of their hands and not on the front fo their fists in the zone where you are meant to punch people

  12. @mokgarkuen "karate is inferior to kungfu", from an aesthetic point, maybe. The important thing is not the technique, but how well you utilize it. In my opinion and experience, a person with a strong, steadfast mind and no knowledge of technique is better equiped than a guy who can perform technique perfectly but has a weak mind.

  13. @hulkout666 Hmm. Okay I take back what I said. If you intend to punch in that manner I am sure you would be doing knuckle pushups in a way that suits you.
    Though having done anatomy courses at university, I am still inclined to doubt the strength of the knuckles of ring finger and pinky. I would prefer to not use them at all. But that is just how I learned how to box i suppose.

  14. @Wonkypooh Yeah, the knuckles you suposse to use for punching. There are chap choi push ups in choy lee fut too. I preffer open hands.

  15. I don't do martial arts, but I've always had to do knuckle pushups because doing them the regular way gives me a stabbing pain in the wrists for some reason.

  16. @novisha15 It can take some adjusting, but yes, when the knuckles of the index and middle finger are on the ground, the bones behind them should line up with the radial bone in your forearm. That way it helps train for punches where there's the least chance of spraining or breaking your wrist, because your hand bones won't line up well if you hit with your pinky, ring, and middle finger knuckles.

  17. @MikeTysonEatsKids
    also your forearms and condition your knuckles. So when you throw a strike with no gloves on, those knuckles are gonna go like a knife through butter 😉

  18. hi doing this type of push ups causes a sharp pain in my shoulders. Is it normal? or am i doing something wrong????

  19. The last join in my fingers hurt like hell when i do this. JOINT paint. They feel as if they are going to brake. I have no idea why.

  20. I've always learnt to use only the knuckles of your index and middle finger, because this is the surface you hit with when you punch! So ring finger knuckle and pink knuckle keep OFF the ground.

  21. Yeah it's true. Kung Fu uses the entire fist for a punch in karate we use the 2 knuckles that's why it's different

  22. strenghten the wrist so when you punch, your hand won't snap or something. besides, if you want to make the push-ups harder, and develop massive chest, you lower the position of your arms to the hips or even lower which makes it WAY harder and puts more pressure on the chest, you won't be able to do these without using the knuckles push-ups

  23. That depends on linage. Some WC variants hit with the 2 first knuckles, some with the 2 middle and some with the 3 bottom.

  24. This is a good point, Sifu, and true of most martial arts. The one exception I can think of is Wing Chun Kung Fu, in which the punches are straight, direct, executed with the elbows in, and are intended to strike with bottom 3 knuckles. With the proper wrist angling and arm alignment, a vertical rather than a horizontal fist, and proper fist-shape (knuckles square, not bottom three knuckles 'crunched' in), the fist safety can be ensured.

  25. iv been breaking wooden pallets at my warehouse job its getting easier but skin I feel will never be strong enough

  26. half the comments in here show little knowledge about the subject, kung fu straightens the outside of the wrist/foreare, while karate straightens the inside, kung fu is to do with meridians, if you straighten your fist like karate the line is bent and disrupts the energy……….i practice karate but have talked to kung fu masters and also visited Shaolin so i'm going to go with what they told me………….

  27. this ruins the knuckles you are meant to hold thos things on the floor i forgot what they are called myfather use to do these and his knuckes are ruined he got atheritis

  28. Shame on you two for showing people the WRONG way to do them, if you do them on all your knuckles as shown in the video then it will injure your wrist, knuckle push ups are meant to be done on your first two knuckles that are above your index and middle finger. expertvillage my ass.

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