Kung Fu Conditioning : Kung Fu Crunches

Hi, my name is Dan Schmidt from the Chinese
Martial Arts Center and today we’re going to be showing you the proper way to perform
Crunches. Okay, so you begin by lying flat on your back, feet together, hands directly
over your head. Okay, it’s one simultaneous actions. So go ahead and do a couple. Okay,
then again. Okay, so what you’re doing basically, you’re drawing your knees as much as you can,
straight up to the chest as your body sits up. Okay, you want to come in a downward motion,
and you want to slap the sides of your feet, at the same time, as you come up, right when
you get to the peak, you want to contract your abdominal muscles. Okay, then exhale
and lie down. Okay, so inhale, contract, then lie down. Okay, a couple common errors are
when people come up, so go ahead go up, okay, what they’ll do is they’ll leave their feet
on the floor, okay, you don’t want to do that, it doesn’t isolate the abdominals. Okay, then
lay back down. Okay, so as you notice, as he draws them up, their off the floor, and
his back is off the floor. You just want your lower back and your buttocks area left on
the floor. Okay, so couple more. Okay, and stand up. Now, that’s the proper way to perform

5 thoughts on “Kung Fu Conditioning : Kung Fu Crunches

  1. this is pretty good but he kinda contradicts himself when he says "dont let your feet touch the floor to isolate the abdominals" when after each crunch the guy puts his feet on the loor. At my school they make us keep our legs at around 6 inches off the ground when we come back to starting position for those kind of crunches.

  2. @Elroy920 Kung Fu Wu Su if you youtube it you might find some stuff on our school. The school itself doesn't teach a specific style, but takes from 26 different styles of kung fu. Our grandmaster went around China in his youth studying Kung Fu under different people, and our system is the result of that training.

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