Uncle Yee, I want an ultraman. But I want the lemon flavor. Sure. That’s all right. Keung, where are you? Thank you, Uncle
Yee. It’s over done!. Leung. Chief, what’s the matter? See? The pork is over done. Pork is the star of this dish. I… I Just went to toilet for a while, so… It’s ridiculous! You’re not in the mood all the day, see? You
caused trouble at last. What’s the matter with you? There is only half hour to the banquet. Now, the pork is over done. Can we serve without pork in the pot? What we can do now is to use the “Blade”. The 5th descendant of the Dragon Head
Blade, Wong Ping-yee, I’d like to borrow the Blade now. With the unification of the blade, we’ll do it
righteous and filial. Ah Yee borrows the Blade. The Chief is holding the Dragon Head’s Blade. What is it for? Why did he take out the Blade? This is my first time to view it. Wah, this is my first time to view this Blade. Don’t block my way; I want to see how
wonderful it is. Woo, it’s really wonderful! Uncle Two, you can tell the guests that… The banquet will be on time. So, I’ll count on you to make us some tasty
pork. Sure, no problem. This is a red pocket for you, for working
smooth. Thank you, Uncle. Okay, the banquet will be started on time.
Come on, help me to serve. We wish you happy birthday! Thank you. We wish you happy birthday! Come on, cheers… Cheers! It smells so good! Give me the salt. Here it is. It’s done! Eat more! Come on, enJoy your food. Come on, come… Take it to that table, and that table, too. Eat more! Come on… Come on If Master Joe was here, we wouldn’t have been
that messy. Even he is willing to help, I won’t let him do it. I promised my brother to let his son achieve
great success. But he is still a cook out there. Tidy up now. Chief, oh no! What a trouble! Why did you do that? Don’t let him go! He is the cook! He intended to poison us! He should not be the Chief of our village.
Dare you want to go? Who asked you to do so? It’s Master Joe. Wong Ping-yee, since you borrowed the
Blade, You must be responsible. Wong, you are not qualified to be a cook. I was being set up! Did I misunderstand you? You cooked the pork. Yee, you don’t deserve to have the Blade. Master Joe is the man behind… I decided to expel Wong Ping-yee. Wong Kai-Joe will substitute him for a while. Tai-tung Martial Arts Students, before your graduation, Let’s see who can put the emblem of the
school… Back to its original place. The one who can do it will be… The first honored graduate of the school. On your mark… Get set… Go! It is with him! Go after him! Are you kidding me? It is with the principal. Don’t come to me… Respect your principal! Who wants to be the first honored graduate? Move! Are you serious? I don’t have it, it’s not with me… I passed it to Ken’ichi. It is with Ken’ichi. Where is it? Where is it? Principal, who did you give it to? I… I gave it to that Jerk! Where is he
now? You bastard! Pal, thank you. Has Ken’ichi left? I am asking you. Has Ken’ichi left? I think he has Just left, maybe, perhaps, I think
so… It’s nonsense to ask you. I’ll go after him. You don’t need to. He asked me to give you this box before he
left. How dare he fool the principal! Watch out, it’s breaking! It’s school property. Principal, I have to leave now. Politeness, Justice, honesty and honor,
patience and self control. I will never forget what you have taught me. I made you these noodles. This is Just a token from me. It’s very kind of you. Rise. After leaving the school, go to this place to look for master Sum
Wai-tak. What for? From this great master, you can learn what
you’re lacking for. The principles of gourmandism are: color,
smell, taste, conception and appearance. Ken has cooking talent. But he doesn’t know much about the idea of
food. However, we cannot teach the conception of
food. He must figure it out in his life. If he can match himself with food, then, he can
make it. Although Ken isn’t a local student, He has strong passion on Chinese cookery. After some time, I am sure… He can become a great cook. Sis, do you think the smell of tea can distract
me? Please wait! Forget it, Ching, I am sure you can’t get it Just by smelling. We should get ready for servicing now. Come on, Just say you can’t make it. Kam-lui, I told you, remember? I want to serve our guests nutritious soup, But not this kind of mixture. You can smell it, can’t you? This seems to be a nutritious soup, But actually, it is medicine instead of soup. Take it away. I tried so much time and effort for it. What a pity that you still miss something. I have already helped you. But my sister is really great! Kam-lui, what is this black stuff? It’s disgusting! Take it away please. Take it away! My sister is really great! Have the goods we ordered been delivered? I am now going to check it. What’s wrong with you? Come and give me a hand. All right. Let me help you. Thank you. You’re welcome. Are you kidding? You messed up everything! I am sorry… If any of it breaks, I’ll cut the bill, you got it? Oh my head… It hurts! What are you looking at? Move those stuffs inside, hurry up! No, l… I’ll check the bill later, but I must check the
goods first. If any breaks, I won’t pay the bill. If one is rotten, I’ll deduct two dollars, and so
on. Move now! Hurry up! You too, move those near the door way first. Excuse me, sir… Do you want to eat in? This way please. What did you say? I said… First, I am not a coolie. Second, I didn’t mean to hurt you. Third, I came here for Master Sum. The forth thing is… I am really hungry. Why didn’t you voice out? Did you give me a chance? I’ll make you pay for hurting my head later. Please wait for me right here for a minute. Since our shop has Just been in service, If you don’t mind, please sit inside. It’s all right. You want to see Master Sum? So, you must tell me what ingredients are put
inside the soup. Sis. Thank you. The water from three rivers. So, you are a gourmet! I Just know something about food. Did you make this Pu-er tea with old tangerine
peel? How did you know it? Old orange peel is as precious as old ginseng. To mix tangerine peel with old Pu-er tea, It is the best drink to quench thirst and helps
good digestion. You know much about tea. However, our food is even better than this tea. I am sure you have never tried that before. What do you want to order, sir? What is the signature dish of your restaurant? All are signature dishes, you can order
anything you’d like to eat. “Cabbage in clear water” please. “Cabbage in Clear Water”? So, is it steamed or boiled? Mind your tongue! That is the famous
Szechwan dish. Although this is a Cantonese restaurant, Since you order it, we’ll get it ready for you. Have you figured it out? Are you kidding me? This tastes like medicine. But I know there is something special inside. This is a soup with 3 snakes and a turtle. I can’t imagine that you’re really great! So, do you know how to make “Cabbage in
clear water”? I am a cook, Sure I know how to make such simple dish. One for me please. Master, why does he order Szechwan food in a
Cantonese restaurant? It’s weird. I think this is a cook too. He wants to try me with that special dish. Luckily I am not nobody. Bro, there is Just cabbage and soup, Why people view this as the greatest dish of
all? Yee, for we villagers, cabbage has special
meaning. It is like our family. Normally, we won’t pay special attention to it, However, when we lose it, we will miss it. You’ll understand the warmth and love of it in
future. Check please. Sir, is there any problem with our cabbage? Be frank… This is far beyond standard. I don’t understand what you mean… The cabbage and chicken are not bad. But the process is wrong. The cabbage you made here… Any cook can make it. The original one has not been found for ages. May I know your name? Wong Ping-yee. Master Wong, if you are a great cook, Dare you compete with me? What if we lose, I will leave this restaurant forever. If you lose, please wash dishes here for a
year. Why should I compete with you? As a cook, you have no reason to reJect me. Okay, but I need an assistant. I can tell it’s done by Master Sum at the first
bite. It’s really tasty! So soft and spicy, and it’s not greasy at all. This has been the signature dish of our
restaurant. And, he has a good assistant. So, to him, this is Just a piece of cake. Master Wong. What do you think about his dish? It’s Just fair. Master Wong, it has been put here for quite a
long time, it’s cold. Watch out! Sis. Oh no! Why is it so hot? What’s wrong with it? Actually, wrapping the skin… It is a thin layer of sugar. It is for keeping the duck warm. Although the duck is put on the table, Actually, it’s still in the process of cooking. It is very… What is it? I lost. Why? It is “Wu-Jo’s 8 Treasure duck”, not any cook
has ever made it for century. I can’t imagine that… It tastes like what it is written in the cook book. To make this dish, we can’t use knife. Not any knife should be used. Duck’s meat is hard to handle, once it is in
touch with knife, The tissue will go hard and still, and the fibres
will break. Don’t stop him. I know very well about Master Sum. After leaving school, go to this place for
Master Sum Wai-tak. By the way, he always wants to leave. Master Sum Wai-tak, please wait. What
did you say? Sum Wai-tak? Right, Sum Wai-tak is my father. However… He passed away last year. Sum Wai-tak was my brother’s master, too. I know. When I tasted the duck, I knew who you are. So, about my story… Master Wong, I heard something about you
before. I believe that you’re innocent. Why? It’s basic instinct. A cook who loves cooking will never do that. Have some tea please. Thank you. Master Sum left. We have no cook now. I Just know following cook book. And my sister doesn’t want to be a cook, too. If this goes on, our restaurant… It will be closed sooner or later. And this family business will… My brother adopted your father’s cooking
skills, And I adopted cooking skills from my brother. So, I am obliged to help maintain the fame of
“Sum’s restaurant”. But I Just can’t do it alone. Master Wong, do you want… The young man I Just saw is smart. He is Just a little bit arrogant. If he is well trained, sure he will become great. But he may not stay. I believe that he will. But under one condition. Please go ahead. Never call me Master Wong again. Call me Ah Yee. All right, Ah Yee. I want to challenge you! What do you want to compete with me? Cutting skills. I am sorry… He knows how to cut a globe fish! No matter why he wants to compete with
cutting skills. To cut a globe fish, the cook must be quick
and sharp. There are many thorny things on the skin of
the fish. You can cut it with the knife. But it’s really difficult. That’s why it can test the cutting skill of a
cook. Finished. This is the sliced globe fish. If you have worries, so… you can eat it half hour later. I can’t smell the stink of fish but tastes it so
sweet and fine. It’s neither like fish nor meat. This is the top level of eating globe fish! It’s okay, it’s my turn now. The Japanese take bream as the king of fish. Its taste is elegant and subtle. But comparing with globe fish… This is cold slice of bream. It doesn’t seem to be special. No matter how skillful is Yee, how can the taste of bream be better than
globe fish? You… What knife did you use? The knife was cold. The meaning of “Sushi”, that is to keep the fish at a cool stage. So, the fish will be tasty. After the sudden cold feeling, the temperature inside the mouth mixes with
the tasty fish, it is stirred inside the mouth and spread
outwards. The frozen bream seems to have rebirth! This is the best taste of all. I am not the loser. I failed to have a better knife. You’re really great. Actually, this is the secret of cutting skills. Who messed up with my sauce? Why are all the carrots gone? The money for paying the vegetables… I have to pay the supplier now… All right, don’t cry please. I have got it ready. Come on, you cry whenever you get the money
for paying vegetables! Eight thousand… Your order please. Who told you to delivery these things to us? This is the order of Mr. Wong. Thank you. Thank you. Whose stuff is it? To make tangerine sauce, using pineapple
Juice is okay. But you must add chrysanthemum and
iquorice. With a green root and tastes hot, you can’t say it a radish. From Wong Ping-yee. He must have done something to my sauce. He has gone too far! Master… Don’t greet me master, I haven’t promised to
be your master yet. Master, come on! I’ll do anything you tell me. When heaven wants someone to do
something big, first, the guy will be bitterly trained. He will be hungry and tired, he will be trained to be calm and mild. So he will gain strength from his training. Are you sick? You didn’t sleep but sharpen the knife in the
middle of the night. And you made it till dawn! Will you let others sleep? I can’t imagine that, you’re not only selfish, but also deaf! You’re sick! What do you want? Do you think you’re acting horror film? Who do you want to scare with these knives? You know? You made sounds all night, I Just couldn’t sleep all night. Are you crazy? Are you sick? Why don’t you go for medication? Master. I’ve already done with the rusted knives. So, we… When can we start? Start what? Of course, you teach me cooking. What else do you think? Since this is sharpened by you, you’ll use it. What? Didn’t you hear it clear? I… When will you teach me cooking? So boring! Peel it, there are some baskets waiting for you Master, l… Ah Yee. Tomorrow is the first day you become the
chef, this is your uniform. Thank you. Yee, what is bothering you? I am worrying about my nephew. Silky cake. Greatest of all. Crab meat in bird’s nest soup. Deep boiled snakes in oil with ginger and
green onion. Cod fish’s face in herbal sauce. BBQ conch. Abalones in winter melon. BBQ goose. Greatest mouths of all. Curry seafood. Roasted pigeon in lavender sauce. Fried shark-fins. Seafood in pumpkin. World’s selection of Sushi. Treasure of the world… Wait. Master Joe. This is the newly designed menu for the new
shop, are you satisfied with it? Just follow your idea. Dismiss. Master, this is the new chef I hired for the new
branch. Master Sum. Where did you work before? Sum’s Restaurant. So, why do you want to work in the King of
Cantonese Restaurant? Master Joe, actually, I always wish… to work in such a big group. I want the truth. The reason is… I… I made a small mistake in a cooking race. I was defeated by one persons, so… Master Sum is quite famous in this field. What is that guy? What cook can defeat you? That guy is named… Wong Ping-yee. Pardon? He is named Wong Ping-yee. Wong Ping-yee. I won’t be merciful this time. Master Joe, but the Chief has left the village
for ages. Are you on his side? I am not! You called him Chief? What I mean is… I mean, you are his nephew… Actually, it’s nonsense.,, He has nothing
to do with me. Why do you treat him as your foe? Right? Listen to me… Stop! Shut up! He stole the Dragon Head Blade, he hurt my
father. At that time, did he remember that’s his
brother? Give it back to me! Give it back to me! Give it back to me! Give it back to me! Give it back to me… Give it back to me… Brother, stay calm please. Why? That blade is mine! I am the Best Chef of the World! You have no right to hide the blade. I don’t need this. I want the Dragon Head Blade! Where is mine? Where is my Dragon Head
Blade? Give it back to me! He always wants that blade and to be the
Chief of the Village. Wake up please! Bro, drink no more! At the most critical moment… Ah Yee! Brother! I witnessed it. It’s him… He set a trap for my dad. My brother got hurt because of saving me. It hurts! My father can no longer be a cook, all because
of him. He left the village. Bro! Stop it, I have no face to stay any longer. Please take care of Joe for me. I promised my brother to take good care of
Joe, God knows that… He forced by me to leave the village. It’s a revenge. How can he do this to you? Forget it. Let bygones be bygones. In fact, your brother… Won the championship of the World’s Best
Chef for 2 consecutive years. He gained much fame for us. My brother is really a genius. Wrong. Wrong! Wrong! Cutting skills is easy to learn but it needs non
stop practice. For common people, they Just need to cut
sharp. If a cook has better skills, He can handle chopping, hitting, mashing and
slashing well. That’s already good skills. But if he wants to be a good cook, Different ingredients need different kinds of
cutting skills. So, it’ll take much time for real practice. Is it really that bad? I did it purposely for you. Thank you. I worked for one whole day. I already said thank you. Don’t be cocky! Other than being fresh, to make great food, We need great sauce to mix with it. Saucing is the soul of a dish. But different people have different taste. But you will get bored for eating same good
food everyday. So, all good cook can make good sauce. Try it. Ying, why the sauce you made… are of the same taste? I think so. Kam-lui. Actually it’s easy to make sauce. You Just need a little patience. And some interest. And some imagination. There are few kinds of taste, sweet, sour,
bitter, hot and salty. Just keep on trying. Mix with different ingredients. Then find out the best choice of the guests,
that’s all. Is it tasty, Kam-lui? It is sweet and salty. But I can taste sweet and hot at the same
time, it’s great! How did you make it? I haven’t tried such special sauce before. Kam-lui, let’s use this sauce today. Keep it well in the kitchen. Be careful. I got it. Kam-lui, I’ll go with you. All right. Ying, what are you thinking? I am thinking of a way to make some delicious
bean cube pudding. You want to make bean cube pudding? Greet me Master, then I’ll teach you. But I want the most delicious one. No problem. Master! The ingredients for making bean cube pudding
is simple. Soy beans, water and some substance for
solidification. The proportion of soy beans and water may
differ. Today, I’ll teach you frying. For fried eggs, we love it to be smooth, soft
and with good smell. But how to make it smooth? The key point is to let air enter the eggs. Bubble it. This shares the same theory of making
spongy cakes. I’ll show you. Then, you’ll count on yourself. The key point is to control the temperature of
the oil. Just one word, don’t use boiled oil. If so, the eggs will be over done. Come on. Master, it is not done yet. Yes, it is to use the remained heat to make it
all done. So, the eggs will be smooth. Other than skills of frying, You need to pay attention to breaking the
eggs. And, most important of all is to control the
heat. It is simple to talk, but it is really difficult. This is named “Wong Po thousand layers of
egg”. Fried egg is Just a simple dish. But it is really something interesting! More simple the dish is, more difficulty to be
handled. It’s really hard to cook great dish. No. it is not hard to cook well. It’s really hard to perform well in life. Chicken pot, please. EnJoy please. Move now. This is the home made sauce. This is newly made, hope you all like it. Boss. What is it about? What is it? What is it? This is… Obviously, it is a nail. Nail? Can you get it? It is a nail. There are some nails in the pot, it can kill. Oh no! Don’t get nervous, it’s Just a
misunderstanding. Kam-lui. What’s the matter? Take a look at yourself. It is so sharp! I don’t mind nails, but I want it cooked well. It’s not steak, I don’t want it raw. I don’t eat half done nails. Do you want to kill me? What do you want? You’ve gone too far! If you want to mess up, you must use better
trick. How can you add so many nails into the pot at
the same time? On one would be so stupid to cook like this.
This is a set up. It’s hard to say! There was precedent from your chef. What did you say? Wong Ping-yee, this is the present from
Master Joe. Don’t worry. This is the pork done by Chef Tin, no problem. You’d better watch out. Why? What does that mean? I can’t imagine our business would become
this worse. Don’t panic. Why not? Now, we have no customers to come. If this goes on, our restaurant will be closed. Who brought this bad luck to us, huh? Brother Choi, are you here for shopping? Let me handle it. We’d better not talk behind someone. Don’t mess up. I don’t want to be bullied but say nothing. Bitch! You’re looking for trouble! What’s up? Get lost! Stop! So? Be a hero? Go! What’s up? Run! Stop! Freeze! Freeze! Stay where you are! Freeze! Stay where you are! What do you want? No, thanks. Disgusting! Why did you stop me? Look, you have flour all over your face. Come and Join the 7th competition for the
“Best Cook of China”. This campaign is held once in 4 years, the
winner… Will be awarded the Best Cook of China, If we win… then we can save the reputation of our
restaurant. Let’s hurry back to tell sister about this. My dad is the best cook, he is the best of the
best. I can win the cup easily. No one can compete with me. I want a revenge. Hello… Okay, I’ll wait for you. Sorry, I can’t go. Yes, what’s the matter? Master, please tell us. Sister and I take you as our family. We can help you! This matter bothers me for a long time, I must
settle it. Master, if you don’t go, we won’t go too. Ken, this is a very important competition. What is more important than the competition? Yes! It’s you and this restaurant. I don’t care the name of being the best cook. For the restaurant, you must try hard in the
competition. Don’t worry, we’ll wait for you. Ken… Take this with you. Now, the competition for the Best Chef of
China begins. All the representatives are now coming in the
studio. Uncle Yu. This is a great event for all great chefs in
China. Ladies and gentlemen, the 7th competition for
the Best Chef of China… now begins! Let me introduce the Judges. Mr. Yu Pun-cheong, the chairman of the China
Cookery Association. Mr. Liu Chi-wing, the famous chef. Ms Wong Lai-mui, from the Catering Alliance. Mr. Wong Wing-chi, the chairman of the
Association For Catering Services Management. Mr. Yu Wing-man, the honorary chairman of
the Chef Association. Before the competition, We’d like to invite the last champion, Master Tin Chau-dao from the King of
Cantonese Restaurant. Hi Master. Is he still your master? Kam-lui. He is no longer your master. Fatty, I want to challenge you. Fine, where are you from? Sum’s Restaurant. Now, I have to tell you the rules. This is a knockout. The Judgment team will pick two teams among
the six. They will have the final race in next time. Now, the theme is knife. In that case, other than the outlook and taste, The chef must express the skills of cutting. The cutting skill is a must of a real chef. You’ll have one hour for competition. Now, I declare the race begins. I want to cook Szechwan’s style of Ox head. I understand what my master means. Kam-lui, we must win. Let’s charge up. But what should we do? They are all picking ingredients. Sis, what should we do? Let’s go “The Four Stuffed Treasures”. The Four Stuffed Treasures”? It’s more complicated than “Eight Treasure
Duck”. Don’t you have confidence in your cutting
skills? I got it. I’ll get the chicken, duck, pigeon and the
fillings. And quail too. Sis, what is Tin doing? This is the famous dish of Szechwan. It pays much attention in cutting. The competition is truly excited. Now, we have only… Three minutes left. Now, we have only… One minute. Five. Four. Three. Two. Time’s up. The six dishes are… Grapes and Fish from Wah Shun Hotel. Clams in chicken soup from Chai-tai
Restaurant. Golden Ox and Duck, from Wan’s Restaurant. Phoenix’s tail and peach blossom from
Grandma’s Restaurant. Four Stuffed Treasures from Sum’s
Restaurant. Szechwan’s Ox Head from the King of
Cantonese Restaurant. Judges, What a headache! The fish and the clams… The cutting skills and procedures are all right. But they picked wrong ingredients. About the duck, It tastes well and spicy, it looks good too. However, when it is peeled, the body of the duck was broken. And the dish from Grandma’s Restaurant, the
prawns are fresh, The outlook is nice too. But the strong taste of wine… Just covers the taste of prawns. For the Four Stuffed Treasures, The cutting skills are excellent. The quail is in the pigeon, then in the chicken, And finally inside the duck. It’s a mixture of meat It’s really wonderful. About the Ox Head, it’s really a master piece. It’s a difficult task indeed. From the cutting skills and the choice of
ingredients, it’s of the top level. This ox-head is really wonderful. Now the Judges are having the final Judgment. The two final teams will be announced soon,
they are… Ken from the Sum’s Restaurant and Tin from
the King of Cantonese Restaurant. Congratulations! We have made it! I wish Master was here with us. Master, we can enter the final race. But the other team is… The Sum’s Restaurant. Master Joe, don’t worry. I can figure it out. Let me go. Ken… Come and fight with me if you’re a man. Ken, watch out! Ken. Nice food can make people happy. But if the chef isn’t happy, How can he pass happiness to others through
food? When I see you going back to the village, I can tell you finally figured it out. Thank you. I must thank you indeed. If you didn’t teach them whole-heartedly, We can’t enter the final race. It’s all because they are talented. Ken, thank you. I am so sleepy… Don’t sleep, I have many places to go with you. I have so many things to do with… Why happiness is so short? Because… People have many unhappy times. Ah Yee! You’re something! Sit down. What do you want? Nothing, I Just come to see you. Isn’t it too late? Not late at all. If you are a bit late, you will not see him. Cut the crap, you’re not welcomed. I am your nephew, I came specially to see you. Why don’t you want to see me? I think I am not heartless. Uncle, your student wounded my fellows. He should pay for it, right? You know pretty well for what you did. What? You kicked my father away for the Dragon
Head’s Blade. Now, you want to take my cup for the Best
Chef away? This should be what I told you. Your uncle did nothing wrong. Stop! No matter you believe it or not. Your father has his reason to leave. Okay, I have my reason to… Fix that bastard and the bitch. This is between us, there is nothing to do with
them. Yeah. I don’t want to do anything to them. I Just bring you some present. Leung. Master Joe, why not leave him alone? I don’t want to repeat. Well, my fellows accidentally locked up your
student, And a young girl inside the freezer. And they accidentally locked up the door. But don’t worry. I’ve kept the key for you, do you want it? I am sorry, I failed to hold it. The key is inside, take it or leave it. You can take time to consider it, but they Just
can’t wait too long. I’ve got no choice. No! That key is not the true one. I’ve got the right one here. Come on, it’s over. Thank you. Master Joe has lost control, please take care. Take care. The next Best Chef will be found soon. The theme of this final race is… Soup. The Chinese always need soup in the
banquet. Other than making soup, the participants must
achieve one more thing. That is… Purity. Sis, what does it mean? That means, no favour is the best favour. So the cook cannot add seasoning into the
soup. In the arts of cookery, One way is to cook without seasoning, it is to let people eat the real taste of the food. The best cooks of the Shang and Chau
Dynasty, They integrated the arts of cookery, With philosophy. That is “Purity is the best”. I can’t imagine you’d give up the competition
for that rusty blade. Do you like this blade? You really like to be Chief. Don’t blame me of being heartless. I’ll let you be the Chief for one day. I now declare the beginning of the competition. Ken, what soup should we make? Why these cabbages be viewed as the best
food? Cabbages mean a lot to the villagers. They are like our family. Normally, you won’t feel much. But when you lose it, you’ll feel how much you
love it. You’ll understand it in future. Kam-lui. Let’s do “Cabbage in Clear Water”. Master said, the fame of the “Best Cook” isn’t
important to him. Except Sum’s Restaurant! All right, let’s do Cabbage in Clear Water. Master Tin, how can you get these
ingredients… Preparation is always important to achieve
success. This dish is named with “Clear Water”, it is because the soup is as clear as water. The method is, mined the chicken, Then drop them evenly inside the chicken
soup. When it sinks, It’ll absorb the remained fats and other
materials. Kam-lui, give me the cabbages. This is not normal cabbages. We must pick the heart of the cabbages. Then, get some fine needles. Stab the needles into the leaves to make
numerous fine holds. But don’t ruin the outlook of the cabbages. Then, add the cooked soup… into the pot with cabbages. And then put it into the steamer for steaming. What is it about? For traditional method, only the bottom is
heated. All the heat comes from the bottom. Now, he uses this device, So it will receive heat evenly all over the pot. When it is opened, even the Buddha is
attracted to Jump over the wall for it. “Buddha Jumps the wall”, it is absolutely the
best soup of the world. “Cabbage in Clear Water” is no match for it. Wait. Make it a signature dish of Sum’s Restaurant. Sis, that’s my bean cube. Dragon Head’s Blade. How come the bean cube disappeared? Why the Szechwan cook view this as
treasure? To make great food with some cheap and
common ingredients, It is the top level of cookery. And it implies the top level of life performance. This is the real taste of food. Purity! The result is, Ken Lung from Sum’s Restaurant is the new
Best Cook of China. Bravo! Wonderful! Brother. Since you have come, why not have a sip? This is the taste of cabbage. Who is he? We haven’t seen for ages, how are you? I am fine. Master Wong, how are you doing? Is she Sum Ching? Right. So you must be Sum Ying. Sis, is he… He is our father’s student, Master Wong
Ping-kei. Dad… Dad, please don’t leave. Dad… I did it wrong! Ken, my brother and I think that you’re the best
one to have this blade. We hope you can make good food with it. To give happiness to the world! Ying, I’m leaving tomorrow. Didn’t expect you to leave so soon. This is my dream. I’ve something for you. Just my little token. Sorry. Don’t be upset, okay? Ying, I’ve tasted your effort. You make great beancurd. I don’t know what sister is thinking. Why makes you learn cooking skills from
Wong? Master is a great cook, it’s really your luck to
learn cookery from him. I don’t care. I’ll leave this happiness to you! No laughing. Look at you! You’re so handsome! Really? You have rosy cheeks! I am sure you don’t have female students in
school. Haven’t you been touched by women? So what? No matter you’re not gentleman like. And you are stupid! You are so dull! You don’t understand girls at all! I Just need to whip up some dishes. Why must I understand girls?

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